• محسن عبدالهی   AbdollahiMohsen@

    1400/05/14 ساعت 18:36

    #EbrahimRaisi, Iran new president in inauguration ceremony: Any diplomatic initiative for lifting of the #sanctions is welcomed.

  • کیانوش جهانپور   drjahanpur@

    1400/05/05 ساعت 10:57

    Iran & Cuba, Swimming with tied hands & open eyes



  • محمد رضا موسوی   MousaviSmr@

    1400/02/01 ساعت 05:46

    Seems there’s a misunderstanding in @PressTV about media’s functions vs. a hardline propaganda unit! I’d love to know who’s more informed than Iran’s top nuclear negotiator. #JCPOA #sanctions

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/01/04 ساعت 20:40

    Despite #Chabahar port being granted a waiver from US #sanctions on Iran, India has faced problems in acquiring heavy equipment from foreign countries, mainly because of the reluctance of foreign banks to open letters of credit (LoCs) for a project within Iran.

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1399/12/08 ساعت 13:42

    در حالی که ایران کاملا به آن پایبند بود، این نمایانگر این است که دولت بایدن آنچنان که ادعا می‌کند در دیپلماسی مهارت ندارد ۱/۲

    #Iran #JCPOA #IranDeal #USA #Biden #sanctions

  • کیانوش جهانپور   drjahanpur@

    1399/11/26 ساعت 18:40

    During #coronavirus epidemy & #sanctions, Iran has developed Masks, PPE kits, Sanitizers, Ventilators, Drugs, Vaccines & …
    So We can, we are and we will.

  • The @CIJ_ICJ has ruled that it can take on #Iran's bid to overturn reimposed US #sanctions. The US had said the court did not have jurisdiction.

    It is the ۲nd win for Iran, after the ICJ ordered the US in ۲۰۱۸ to ease sanctions on humanitarian goods.

  • Iran is currently the largest #petrol producer and exporter in the region. Before the US #sanctions and for nearly a decade, it supplied half of its demand for fuel through imports.

  • کیانوش جهانپور   drjahanpur@

    1399/10/25 ساعت 01:10

    US #sanctions against the sponsor and manufacturer group of the first Iranian #CovidVaccine!!

    But we make vaccine
    And do not buy American vaccines at all.

    To be continued …

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1399/10/16 ساعت 12:29

    فوری/خبرگزاری یونهاپ کره جنوبی به نقل از یک مقام وزارت امور خارجه این کشور اعلام نمود که کره جنوبی و ایران در حال مذاکره در مورد استفاده از پول‌های بلوکه شده ایران برای خرید واکسن COVID-۱۹ هستند.

    #IranKorea #SouthKorea #COVID۱۹vaccine #Corona #sanctions

  • کیانوش جهانپور   drjahanpur@

    1399/10/10 ساعت 02:30

    Iran began human trials today for its first own indigenously produced #COVID۱۹ vaccine. Iran’s commendable medical community has battled the outbreak amid US #sanctions that prevent access to many medicines.

  • #Bijan_Zangeneh: Exporting ۲٫۳ million barrels of #oil is practical. With no #sanctions in place and provision of the limited resources needed to revive oil wells, ۲٫۳ million barrels of oil per day can be exported.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/08/25 ساعت 02:19

    Statement of ۴۴th annual meeting of #G۷۷ & #China: Ministers reaffirmed their rejection of unilateral economic sanctions imposed on #Iran, which have negative impact on development & prosperity of Ppl of Iran & in this regard called for an immediate lifting of those #sanctions.

  • ستاد حقوق بشر جمهوری اسلامی ایران   humanrights_ir@

    1399/07/21 ساعت 17:15

    Head of #Iran's @humanrights_ir announces list of ۴۵ #American individuals and entities involved in US unilateral inhumane #sanctions against Iranian nation, handed to Gen. Prosecutor for prosecution.

  • سازمان انرژی اتمی ایران   aeoinews@

    1399/07/05 ساعت 19:36

    ۳/the @aeoinews with an outlook based on peaceful use of the nuclear technology has promoted its scientific programs in the areas of health, agriculture, food, radiopharmaceuticals, stable isotopes and etc.
    in a precise and determined manner and #sanctions imposed …

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1399/06/27 ساعت 13:44

    The Islamic Republic of #Iran Shipping Line Group (#IRISL) says revenues of the company topped $۷۷۸ million in the year ending June ۲۱ despite a series of harsh US #sanctions seeking to choke off the country’s trade.

  • #Zangeneh: Contracts worth ۱٫۵ billion Euros have been signed in ۵ provinces of the country, and the message of signing these contracts is that the #oil industry cannot be stopped and #sanctions and the custodians of sanctions are to be gone.

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1399/05/23 ساعت 20:50


    آناتولی آنتونوف سفیر روسیه در آمریکا در ماه جولای اظهار داشت که روسیه هیچ مبنای قانونی برای بازگشت تحریم‌های بین المللی علیه ایران نمی‌بیند.


    #Iran #Russia #USA #sanctions #UnitedNations

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/17 ساعت 15:07

    #Iran president's chief of staff Vaezi: The signs that we are receiving from European and Asian countries and others show that we are in the last days of #sanctions … I must emphasize that the situation will be much better in the coming months.

  • دیاکو حسینی   DiakoH@

    1399/05/07 ساعت 20:00

    Owing to the maximum pressure campaign, Iran has become closer to Russia and China, ramped up its military expenditure, and after the relative success in coping with #COVID۱۹ & #sanctions, has found much more self-confidence. Everything goes against what @SecPompeo expects.

  • کیانوش جهانپور   drjahanpur@

    1399/04/13 ساعت 03:54

    رانیا خالک @RaniaKhalek روزنامه نگار لبنانی-آمریکایی:

    تحریم‌ها، جایگزینی برای جنگ و خشونت نیستند، بلکه خود جنگ و خشونت هستند.
    #تحریم طی یک بیماری همه گیر، #جنایت است.


  • Putting #sanctions on Iranian merchant ships carrying what the ordinary people need, and firing missiles on Iran Air passenger airplane with ۲۹۰ innocent civilians, are common in one point; both have targeted #humanity.


  • حسین قریبی   gharibi14@

    1399/02/27 ساعت 00:17

    Republished in IRAN DAILY a week ago: Interview with #Brazil's EmbassyMagazine re #coronavirus and #Iran's state+people unique jointness, impacts of U.S. illegal #sanctions on limiting government's capacity and a brief account on bilateral relations. http://irandaily.ir/News/۲۶۸۷۷۵.ht https://t.co/Snz۷ePuyCP

  • کیانوش جهانپور   drjahanpur@

    1399/02/18 ساعت 01:47

    There is someone who knows …


  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1399/01/25 ساعت 15:57

    Iran has not asked and will never ask the #USA to help Tehran in its fight against the new coronavirus. But America should lift all its illegal and unilateral sanctions on #Iran. Islamic Republic doesn’t recognize the US’ sanctions and asking for removal of the #sanctions.