• Nasrollah Sardashti, CEO of NICT:« #SABITI will enter #Iran’s waters in ۹ to ۱۰ says. In less than ۲۴ hours it will reach babol mandab. The crew are safe and in good health and the leaks from the two damaged tanks have been contained.» Sources: #oil ministry.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/07/19 ساعت 11:03

    After a temporary halt in #oil leakage from Iranian tanker #SABITI in Red Sea, the leakage has again started and is going on. #Iran's NITC had earlier said that the two main oil tanks of the vessel had been damaged likely as a result of #missile attack.

  • #OPEC crude #oil production based on secondary sources in Sep۱۹. Total: ۲۸.۴۹۱ tb/d - ۱.۳۱۸ tb/d @OPECSecretariat #oott

  • The second statement of #Ira’s #oil minister about his meeting with #Saudi_Arabia Energy minister: « There is no issue in meeting with Saudi Arabian energy minister. We have been friends for ۲۲ years. Our enemy is out of the region.» #OOTT #OPEC

  • #Iran will export about ۱ million barrels of its #oil from the Oman Sea. Iran was building a $۱.۸b oil pipeline project from Goreh to Jask. #OOTT #OPEC

  • Liked ! Nice one from the #OPEC Secretary General. (#Barkindo's visit at Kashagan #oil field in the Atryau region of Kazakhstan.) #OOTT @OPECSecretariat

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    1398/06/30 ساعت 17:23

    The cyberspace security center of #Iran president’s office (AFTA) has in a statement rejected media reports that Iranian #oil facilities and other vital infrastructure have been targeted by successful #cyber-attacks.

  • Responding to a question on Thursday about the current state of the oil market in light of recent problems at Saudi Aramco #oil facilities, Zanganeh said: "Some believe that some oil supplies have gone out of the world markets, but I don't think it's an important issue,..#OOTT

  • #OPEC Secretary General: «#oil is going to continue to be the main leader in filling energy requirements for the foreseeable future.» The former Austrian foreign minister also came to the @OPECSecretariat to attend first workshop on Energy Technology.#OOTT @stefanfjscholz

  • «This is the Big One» What does it means? Please wait until Monday, when the #oil market opens! We have to see how far oil prices will go up. #OPEC #OOTT

  • I asked Iran’s #oil minister, Zanganeh, thoughts on the recent suggestions in the #GMMC in #AbuDhabi , suggesting more reductions in oil production for both OPEC and non OPEC? Zanganeh: «They have destabled the market and have to fix it themselves.» #OOTT #OPEC

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    1398/06/17 ساعت 19:42

    #Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman (on #AdrianDarya۱): The tanker has reached its destination and the #oil has been sold. Arrangements have been foreseen for the ship in future which is related to the owner of the ship … The tanker is now in one of Mediterranean shores.

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    1398/06/13 ساعت 08:29

    #Iran DepFM Araghchi: @EmmanuelMacron was told that either #Eroupe needs to buy #oil from Iran or it provide Iran with the equivalent of oil export as a credit line that is guaranteed by by Iran's oil revenue & is in fact a kind of prepurchase of the oil.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/06/11 ساعت 13:15

    #Iran's government spokesman: The main issue of negotiations with #Europe is that we sell our #oil & its money to be given to Iran easily for buying commodities that we want. Europeans needed more discussions among themselves on this.

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    1398/06/10 ساعت 16:36

    Macron has proposed launching a $۱۵B credit line to prepurchase #Iran's #oil. That will not be a grant & a loan. ACC #French proposal, the amount will be paid in ۳ stages. In return, Macron has proposed Iran not to take ۳rd step & likely undo ۱st & ۲nd steps: Iranian MP Motahari.

  • #OPEC Members’s crude #oil exports (m b/d), ۱۹۸۰-۲۰۱۸ @OPECSecretariat #OOTT

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    1398/05/30 ساعت 16:47

    #Iran's president Rouhani says international waterways will not be as safe as before if Iran’s #oil exports are completely sanctioned and brought down to zero. https://ifpnews.com/zeroing-out-irans-oil-exports-to-threaten-safety-of-intl-waterways-rouhani …

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    1398/05/28 ساعت 16:35

    #Iran's Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raeisi said that the release of the #oil tanker Adrian Darya ۱ (formerly Grace ۱), is not enough, and that they need to pay compensation to Iran.

  • Brent #oil slid into bear-market territory, as the U.S.-China trade spat threatened to expand into a currency war and investors despaired about the damage to crude demand. https://bloom.bg/۲yM۷a۲w #OOTT #OPEC Brent Now: $۵۹.۰۲

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    1398/04/29 ساعت 19:23

    #British foreign secretary @Jeremy_Hunt and #Iran's foreign minister @JZarif had a phone conversation today on Saturday and discussed the issue of the seized #oil tanker belonging to the #UK.

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    1398/04/22 ساعت 22:12

    #Iran FM @JZarif, describing the US #oil sanctions as illegal, said that Iran will continue to export oil under any condition.

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    1398/04/19 ساعت 13:11

    #Iran FM @JZarif: Recent move by #UK [to seize the tanker] is violation of their commitment [under the #JCPOA]. This move has been done on behalf of the US & B Team to implement #oil sanctions against Iran & it has nothing to do with #Syria. This is a material breach of the deal

  • New Idea Eshagh Jahangiri, Iran’s Vice President: «Any powerful country that is willing to work with #Iran can Pre-purchase Iranian #oil for the next two or three years.» #OPEC #OOTT

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    1398/04/16 ساعت 18:57

    #Iran's DepFM Araghchi says that the #oil tanker seized by #UK was not bound for #Syria: «The Syrian port they mention basically is not suitable for such type of tanker to dock. A supertanker w ۲ million barrels of oil, & w such a huge capacity it could not cross the Suez Canal.»

  • #Iran #oil minister Zanganeh attends #OPEC and non-OPEC meetings today in the @OPECSecretariat. #OOTT وزیر نفت ایران در جلسه اوپک و غیر اوپک که صبح امروز برگزار می‌شود شرکت می‌کند.