• مصطفی بزرگ نسب   BozorgNasab@

    1400/09/13 ساعت 12:09

    واکنش بازار‌ها در اولین روز هفته
    #دلار ۳۰ هزار تومان
    #سکه ۱۳ میلیون تومان
    #مذاکرات #برجام #jcpoa

  • محمد رضا موسوی   MousaviSmr@

    1400/02/01 ساعت 05:46

    Seems there’s a misunderstanding in @PressTV about media’s functions vs. a hardline propaganda unit! I’d love to know who’s more informed than Iran’s top nuclear negotiator. #JCPOA #sanctions

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1400/01/18 ساعت 02:49

    ۱۸th Meeting of #JCPOA Joint Commission resumed in #Vienna on Tuesday. According to DFM @araghchi fruitful discussions made at the political level to be followed by technical consultations at the expert meetings on the removal of all #US imposed sanctions & nuclear issues.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/12/15 ساعت 03:07

    The good news is that #diplomacy found another opportunity in #Vienna, where #JCPOA was born. This development can maintain the path of diplomacy opened by #Iran and the @iaeaorg and pave the way for full implementation of commitments by all parties to the nuclear deal.

  • محمدرضا نوروزپور   noroozpour@

    1399/12/04 ساعت 23:05

    As the one of the worst and most noncompliant signatories to #jcpoa, the United States does not credibility to challenge Iran's compliance. It is better for @POTUS's team to prove practically that they are different from Trump's team. Well begun is half done.

  • محمدرضا نوروزپور   noroozpour@

    1399/11/30 ساعت 21:27

    Well done! Just saying so as you mentioned in the piece is not enough. keep saying the US will back ۲ #jcpoa is not the solution. It’s been ۴ weeks already and, well, as Iran’s supreme Leader stressed «actions speak louder than words». What really matters is removing d sanctions.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/11/29 ساعت 22:56

    در این نشست که در سطح مدیران کل اروپای واخ #ایران و سیاست خارجی واخ #پرتغال و با حضور سفرای دو کشور در #لیسبون و #تهران برگزار شد، موضوعات روابط دوجانبه، تحولات منطقه‌ای، روابط ایران و #اتحادیه_اروپا و مسائل مهم بین المللی از جمله #برجام مورد بحث و تبادل نظر قرار گرفت. #JCPOA

  • علیرضا میریوسفی   miryousefi@

    1399/11/19 ساعت 22:51

    .@jzarif On GPS: part ۱-#jcpoa

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/11/05 ساعت 00:16

    FM @JZarif: Iran wants the Nuclear Deal it made. #JCPoA #Diplomacy #multilateralism

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/10/20 ساعت 21:55

    And as #Iran's Supreme Leader reiterated yesterday, such return will only make sense ( and allowed) if all the inhuman and unilateral sanctions would be lifted first and foremost. #Lift_inhuman_sanctions #JCPOA

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/10/14 ساعت 01:48

    #Lisbon welcomes the #Portuguese #EUPresidency started from January ۱st. Let's hope for the successful accomplishment of the objectives set for this crucial term of the Presidency, including the revival of #JCPOA. @nestrangeiro_pt 🇵🇹🇪🇺 #EU۲۰۲۱PT

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/27 ساعت 00:42

    FM @JZarif & the #Portuguese counterpart at @nestrangeiro_pt Santos Silva in a telephone call today discussed bilateral relations, the role #Portugal could play in promoting #Iran_EU relations during its #EU_Presidency from January and issues on terrorism & human rights. #JCPOA

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/17 ساعت 23:06

    In a meeting with the #Portuguese Ambassador, Iran’s Deputy F.M. @araghchi referring to the upcoming rotating #EU_Presidency by #Portugal, expressed hope that the country could play an active role in #Iran_EU relations. #JCPOA

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/14 ساعت 03:34

    @expresso: Embaixador do #Irão considera que #Portugal poderá assumir «um grande papel» e reunir todos os signatários do #Acordo_Nuclear_Iraniano durante a sua presidência semestral rotativa da #União_Europeia (UE), que se inicia em janeiro. #JCPOA https://expresso.pt/politica/۲۰۲۰-۱۲-۰۳-Portugal-pode-ter-grande-papel-na-presidencia-da-UE-para-salvar-acordo-nuclear-com-o-Irao

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/13 ساعت 21:34

    Full video of today's #MEDDialogue with Dr. @JZarif Minister of @MFAIR initiated by @ispionline. Important words on #Covid۱۹ pandemic in #Iran, #JCPOA, #US & #EU malign behaviour in the region & terrorist act against #Iranian scientist #Fskhrizedeh. http://۱.hamed.in/MED.mp۴ https://t.co/SG۱STxsZSh

  • کتایون لامع زاده   KatayoonL@

    1399/08/30 ساعت 17:54

    ظریف به دو روایت ؛

    توکلى: برجام را نمى داند
    شرمن: همه جزییات را مى داند


  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/08/25 ساعت 21:12

    The #Al_Qaeda assassination story is nonsense. It's a new #Zionist plot to secure the continuation of pressure on #Iran, fearing a possible #US return to #JCPOA. As @MoonofA points out«If any important al-Qaeda guy had been killed last August,#Trump would have screamed about it»!

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/07/26 ساعت 00:31

    My Opinion Note published today by @RTPNoticias & @Lusa_noticias of #Portugal: Iran's ambassador in #Lisbon announced today that the #UN arms limitations imposed on #Tehran in ۲۰۱۵ will be lifted on Sunday October ۱۸ according to #resolution۲۲۳۱ and #JCPOA https://www.rtp.pt/noticias/mundo/irao-quer-que-onu-suspenda-tambem-sancoes-ao-armamento-na-votacao-de-dia-۱۸_n۱۲۶۷۵۴۰

  • سید محمد علی حسینی   HossainiSma@

    1399/06/30 ساعت 23:11

    #white_house maximum pressure on #Iran resulted full isolation of #US;challenging d international law & regulation,not finding any multilateral bench to oppose Iran, resorting again to the defeated language of force & bullying.A reckless driving in a wrong path! #Iran_deal #jcpoa

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/06/30 ساعت 19:51

    Your illusions for returning UN sanctions did not work: -Res.۲۲۳۱& #JCPOA don't allow! -#UNSC rejected you ۳ times! #EU & former allies said NULL! -#UN is not helping you The message is clear: Stop being Rogue and Outrage, return to your commitment, Intl community will accept you

  • Swiss FM @IgnazioCassis is in #Iran to mark ۱۰۰ years diplomatic relations between the two countries. He will discuss #SHTA with Iranian officials tomorrow. Cassis had a phone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before visiting Iran. #JCPOA

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/06/12 ساعت 23:42

    As an expert I say: In world politics, nothing happens without a reason. The fact that the #US is left alon in the #UNSC for #JCPOA is the result of overt and covert diplomatic efforts. Let's take diplomacy seriously. Yes! #WECAN

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/06/06 ساعت 00:09

    Iran is voluntarily providing the @iaeaorg with access to the two locations specified by the #IAEA. The #IAEA does not have further questions to #Iran and further requests for access to locations other than those declared by Iran under its CSA and AP. #Diplomacy #JCPOA

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/05/31 ساعت 21:04

    We will all wait and see how #EU practically stands against #Unilateralism and defends it's longstanding values. #JCPOA #Diplomacy #Multilatralism #SecurityCouncil

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/05/31 ساعت 18:17

    It is not matter whether you agree with #JCPOA or disagree with it, it is important that now @realDonaldTrump has targeted all #Iranians. it is a big mistake to forget the main enemy at this sensitive time.

  • مهدی محمودی   mehdimahmudi@

    1400/09/17 ساعت 17:15

    مقام ایرانی در وین به المیادین گفته، دستیابی به توافق در آینده نزدیک بعید است #irantalks #برجام #jcpoa

  • محمد رضا موسوی   MousaviSmr@

    1400/03/03 ساعت 19:16

    Iran and @iaeaorg agreed to extend the mutual understanding regarding the preservation of the Additional Protocol camera recordings for «utmost one more month». #JCPOA

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1400/01/20 ساعت 20:36

    Coordinator's Statement following the meeting of the Joint #JCPOA Commission in #Vienna: The participants emphasised their resolve to further pursue the ongoing joint diplomatic efforts (to ensure the return of the US to full and effective implementation). https://eeas.europa.eu/headquarters/headquarters-homepage/۹۶۴۱۴/jcpoa-chairs-statement-following-meeting-joint-commission_en

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1400/01/02 ساعت 20:15

    Returning to the point where your predecessors left doesn't require a wish! It rather requires action.Using the failed policy of #Trump as a leverage of bargaining to get more than #JCPOA is not working.Stop hypocrisy & honor the spirit of #Nowruz #HappyNowruz=#NoSanctionsOnIran

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/12/12 ساعت 22:13

    If #Iran were to renegotiate #JCPOA, it would have negotiated with #Trump! If Iran were to negotiate under the #inhuman_sanctions, it would have negotiated earlier. Iran has shown that it believes in #negotiation and #diplomacy but does not tolerate threats and bullies.

  • محمدجواد شریعتی   MajdShariati@

    1399/12/01 ساعت 05:32

    The E۳/EU+۳ and #Iran commit to implement this #JCPOA in #good_faith and in a constructive atmosphere … The E۳/EU+۳ will refrain from #imposing_discriminatory_regulatory and procedural requirements in lieu of the sanctions and restrictive measures covered by this JCPOA.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/11/30 ساعت 02:54

    During the meeting, also attended by ambassadors of the two countries in #Lisbon & #Tehran, the two officials reviewed latest status of bilateral relations & exchanged views on regional developments, important international issues, including #JCPOA and #Iran_EU relations.۲/۲

  • محمدرضا نوروزپور   noroozpour@

    1399/11/29 ساعت 20:05

    According to Alireza Moezi, deputy of the Iranian president’s office for communications, @HassanRouhani had just a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about #jcpoa.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/11/19 ساعت 18:47

    Iran's Supreme Leader: #US & three #European countries who'd breached all their commitments in #JCPOA are not in a position to make conditions(to return). Our clear & #definite_word: First you return and execute all your obligations to be verified by #Iran, then we do the same.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/10/23 ساعت 20:35

    His diplomacy achievements: destroying ۱۲ yrs of #diplomacy & #multilateralism, #JCPoA, dividing #SecurityCouncil, leaving @WHO in the midst of pandemic, assassination and plots… He’s been w #Trump every step. He’s part of #Trumpism world should remember like #Fascism & #Nazism.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/10/18 ساعت 06:56

    The #US violated the #JCPOA & left the deal. #European violated it too by abiding by the US unilateral sanctions. If you are very concerned about the JCPOA, go ahead. But, if you want to take a step forward, put pressure on #Biden to rejoin the deal unconditionally & immediately!

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/27 ساعت 18:58

    #Iran_Portugal #EU_Presidency #Iran_EU #JCPOA #Terrorism

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/21 ساعت 01:08

    In a meeting with two socialist members of the #Portuguese parliament/foreign affairs committee, Raul Castro & Paulo Pisco, #Rasht_Leiria #sister_city_relation, parliamentary cooperation & role to be played by #Portugal in revival of #JCPOA during its #EU_presidency discussed.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/16 ساعت 06:53

    My Opinion Note in @dntwit of #Portugal: Narrow the arena for adventurists, let’s give diplomacy a new chance. #Israel_State_Terrorism #Fakhrizadeh #DoubleStandards #Diplomacy #JCPOA https://www.dn.pt/opiniao/opiniao-dn/convidados/reduzam-o-espaco-de-manobra-aos-aventureiros-demos-uma-nova-oportunidade-a-diplomacia-۱۳۱۰۸۹۵۴.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed٪۳A+DN-Opiniao+٪۲۸DN+-+Opiniao٪۲۹

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/13 ساعت 23:49

    Na minha em entrevista à @Lusa_noticias citado por @SICNoticias: O assassínio do cientista #iraniano #MohsenFakhrizadeh na passada sexta-feira foi efetuado por um «triângulo da destruição» com o objetivo de «matar a #diplomacia» #JCPOA https://sicnoticias.pt/mundo/۲۰۲۰-۱۲-۰۳-Embaixador-do-Irao-afirma-que-assassinio-de-cientista-nuclear-foi-para-matar-a-diplomacia https://t.co/cJ۹bXkuk۵a

  • محمد رضا موسوی   MousaviSmr@

    1399/09/11 ساعت 14:34

    Iran's prlmnt passes framework of a bill that, if it goes through the due process and turns into a law, it will oblige the gov't to produce ۲۰٪ enriched uranium, halt voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol if the sanctions are not lifted within some months. #JCPOA

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/08/30 ساعت 05:13

    Mrs. @FedericaMog is absolutely right. New negotiation on #JCPOA is nonsense. It's a #PandoraBox. Important is full implementation of the deal by ignorant parties & rectifying the suffering and loses of #Iranian people & economy due to withdrawal or inaction of #Western parties.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/07/29 ساعت 21:00

    My #interview with #LusaAgency: #Iran has now the right to buy and sell any conventional arms based on #Res۲۲۳۱ and #JCPOA, but does'nt want to enter into arms race in the region which is already in turmoil and instability. Iran rather seek peace & cooperation with neighbours.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/07/23 ساعت 22:03

    Time is against the devil's will. The countdown has begun to lift #Iran's arms limitations. Based on #JCPOA and #UN Res۲۲۳۱, as of Sunday(Oct۱۸), Iran is able to Sell & Buy weapon from everybody it wishes. #US did everything not to let Oct۱۸ happen but this day will come. #JCPOA

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/06/30 ساعت 20:55

    The #MFA of the Islamic Republic of Iran has issued a statement in reaction to #Washington’s futile efforts to reinstate the #UN sanctions against #Iran. #JCPOA #Resolution۲۲۳۱ #UNCharter_Article۵۱

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/06/29 ساعت 18:38

    As #US pressure is mounting to return #UN sanctions against #Iran unilaterally, #Britain, #France and #Germany wrote to the #UNSC on Friday that U.N. sanctions relief for #Iran under #JCPOA would continue beyond Sept. ۲۰ and US claim has no legal ground. Another big NO to bully.

  • بهزاد صابری   BehzadSabery@

    1399/06/14 ساعت 17:43

    Iranian delegation, Joint Commission of the #JCPOA, (break time) Palais Coburg, Vienna, Sep ۲۰۲۰ Photo courtesy of Amb Philippe Errera @araghchi @PMIRAN_Vienna @MahmoudMovahed

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/06/12 ساعت 05:36

    Happy to see that after a long delay, #JCPOA Joint Commission is held with a united stand by all participating members to preserve the deal. But the most important factor that could save the agreement against the threats posed by #US unilateralism is a strong #EU commitment.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/06/01 ساعت 08:11

    ….And the hawks in #Washington are still insisting on their bankrupt policy of #unilateralism. The bully is alone, begging the small island! #JCPOA

  • محمدجواد شریعتی   MajdShariati@

    1399/05/31 ساعت 18:23

    Même après le retrait des États-Unis du #JCPOA, l'Iran continue - pour une année complète de mise en œuvre du JCPOA, comme en témoignent ۱۵ rapports consécutifs de #AIEA #UNSC #UNSCR۲۲۳۱