• احسان گنجی   EhsanGanji1@

    1400/06/18 ساعت 21:24

    جنگ‌زدگان / #کارتون تازه‌ام
    My new #cartoon
    #افغانستان #afghanistan

  • سید محمد علی حسینی   HossainiSma@

    1400/04/03 ساعت 20:37

    #Iran's Special Envoy on #Afghanistan Mr. Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian Fard met with #Pakistan foreign Minister Mr. @SMQureshiPTI and His Pakistani counterpart Mr. @AmbassadorSadiq

  • احمدرضا شمسی   AhmadRShamsi@

    1400/03/30 ساعت 16:15

    Joint Statement of the foreign ministers of #Iran, #Turkey & #Afghanistan Antalya, ۲۰۲۱

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1400/02/20 ساعت 01:56

    به کدامین گناه کشته شدند؟ فرزندان رنج‌دیده #افغانستان تا کی باید به خون خود آغشته شوند؟ دنیا چشم بینا و گوش شنوایی دارد؟ Deep condolences to the oppressed people of #Afghanistan. #Hazareh #مدرسه_سیدالشهدا #کابل_تسلیت

  • امیررضا شرکت   arsherkat@

    1400/01/26 ساعت 16:59

    ۲۰۰۱-۲۰۲۱, #US invasion of #Afghanistan: exit strategy or strategic exit!? All evil for 🇦🇫 anyway.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/12/24 ساعت 00:15

    Ambassador Muhammad Sadegh, #Pakistan's Special Representative for Afghanistan, arrived in Tehran to discuss developments in #Afghanistan. Tomorrow, he will meet with Foreign Minister Dr. Zarif

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/10/25 ساعت 00:45

    Think for collaborations,not competitions. Preliminary meeting of #Iran, #Afghanistan and #Turkmenistan trilateral cooperation. We should look to the future, not the present. Build a better future for our children by expanding cooperation between neighbors. 🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫

  • احمدرضا شمسی   AhmadRShamsi@

    1399/10/11 ساعت 21:08


  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/09/20 ساعت 17:51

    A historical day in Iran's relations with its neighbors in #West_Asia. #Herat_Khaf_Railway connection is inaugurated today by the presidents of #Iran & #Afghanistan. #Economic_Terrorism is defeatable.

  • سید محمد علی حسینی   HossainiSma@

    1399/09/07 ساعت 19:15

    Introductory and cordial meeting with my brother H.E. Najibullah Ali Khel, the new Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of #Afghanistan to #Pakistan. Mentioned the good memories, the glorious culture of Iranians and their loving hospitality during the numerous trips he have

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/08/24 ساعت 12:09

    My detailed interview about #Afghanistan, from the US military defeat to the #Dohaprocess today in #Etemad newspaper http://www.etemadnewspaper.ir/fa/main/detail/۱۵۸۱۶۴/٪D۸٪A۷٪D۹٪۸۵٪D۸٪B۱٪D۹٪۸A٪D۹٪۸۳٪D۸٪A۷-٪D۹٪۸۶٪D۸٪A۸٪D۸٪A۷٪D۹٪۸A٪D۸٪AF- https://t.co/mflYtlcIV۰

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/08/16 ساعت 21:45

    Our sincere condolences to the people of #Afghanistan who lost their beloved ones in the terrorist attack at #KabulUniversity. Our minds & hearts are with them. #جان_پدر_کجاستی

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1399/08/04 ساعت 19:09

    @realDonaldTrump's Peace Making: ۲۹ students slaughtered & ۷۲ injured in a barbaric #Taliban suicide attack to a school in #Kabul, #Afghanistan. This is the result of the #US-led deal with Good Terrorists! What the peace- makers in the @WhiteHouse may get: Few more votes?

  • سید محمد علی حسینی   HossainiSma@

    1399/07/12 ساعت 02:01

    A very friendly and positive talk with H.E. Mr. @AmbassadorSadiq Further cooperation between #Iran, #Pakistan and #Afghanistan is a must and ought to be attained. The road to peace and prosperity lies on the ground of regional cooperation.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/04/15 ساعت 01:43

    #Afghanistan the most favourable subject for seminars.

  • The US has reduced the number of troops it has in #Afghanistan to ۸,۶۰۰ in accordance with a preliminary peace deal with the Taliban, even as other aspects of the plan to end the war have faced setbacks and delays. https://www.nytimes.com/۲۰۲۰/۰۶/۱۹/world/asia/afghanistan-us-troop-withdrawal.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytimesworld

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/02/28 ساعت 22:28

    My prediction ( Tweet ۱۹/۰۴/۲۰۲۰) came true. Islamic Republic of #Afghanistan has entered a new phase of its evolving life. Congratulations 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/02/04 ساعت 01:45

    What Iran wants for her neighbor is to preserve the achievements of the Afghan people, to preserve the structure of the Islamic Republic, and to maintain Security, Stability and Prosperity. Everyone who says anything else knows neither #Afghanistan nor #Iran.

  • سعید خطیب زاده   SKhatibzadeh@

    1399/01/26 ساعت 00:40

    IPIS was very much pleased to organize an online meeting and to host senior experts from around the world to discuss and exchange views on the latest developments in #Afghanistan.

  • Over ۳ million Afghan refugees/migrants are living in #Iran—most of them undocumented. But they have long been part of Iran society. They are not «fleeing» Iran. They are going back to #Afghanistan temporarily only because Iran’s labor market has been affected by #COVID۱۹.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/01/11 ساعت 17:43

    Meeting with H.E Lival Ambassador of #Afghanistan. Discussed on many different issues on bilateral relations especially the impact of #coronavirus on our trade and economic relations + Political situation in Afghanistan.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/01/02 ساعت 23:21

    Tadamichi Yamamoto Special Representative of @UN for #Afghanistan departured Kabul with one wish: returning peace. I pray his wishes come true.

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1398/12/25 ساعت 18:31

    Two loaded containers were transported successfully from #India’s Mumbai to #Iran’s Chabahar, which exited through Dogharoun Border crossing to #Afghanistan under cover of #TIR Carnets (TIR Convention). @the_IRU http://en.otaghiranonline.ir/news/۲۲۳۲۹

  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1398/12/12 ساعت 17:58

    The United States, which had been deploying to #Afghanistan to fight the #Taliban under the pretext of attacking the New York towers, now acknowledges its defeat after five years of humiliation and hundreds of victims. USA is proud of the peace with the Taliban!. #USA_decline.

  • «Zalmay Khalilzad has been shuttling in a convoy of armed vehicles between the heavily guarded homes of the divided elite in #Kabul, trying to keep the peace.» #Afghanistan https://www.nytimes.com/۲۰۲۰/۰۲/۲۱/world/asia/afghanistan-cease-fire-peace-talks.html

  • سید محسن دهنوی   SMDehnavi@

    1400/07/17 ساعت 00:03

    یا محمد تو بگو با غم و ماتم چه کنیم
    روز خوش بی تو ندیدم به عالم چه کنیم
    پاسخ فاصله‌ها بی تو دمادم سنگ است
    یا محمد دل این قوم برایت تنگ است

  • احسان گنجی   EhsanGanji1@

    1400/05/26 ساعت 15:41

    این #کارتون رو ۷سال پیش کشیدم و سعی کردم رابطه جنگ و #مهاجرت رو در اون نشون بدم. خیلی غم‌انگیزه که دیروز در فرودگاه کابل، چیزی شبیه به همین تصویر درعمل رخ داد، پناه خواستن مردم #افغانستان از همون هواپیماهایی که تا چندی پیش حامل بمب‌ها و نظامی‌ها به این کشور بودن!

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1400/03/31 ساعت 01:56

    One of the highlights of today's trilateral meeting was the interest of all three foreign ministers of #Iran , #Turkey and #Afghanistan in inviting #Pakistan to join the next gathering and convene a quadrilateral meeting.

  • سید محمد علی حسینی   HossainiSma@

    1400/03/25 ساعت 20:35

    Pleased to meet with European Union Special Envoy on #Afghanistan, @tomas_niklasson & ambassador of the European Union to the Islamic Republic of #Pakistan @AKaminara. constructive consultations on Afghan peace process were discussed.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1400/01/30 ساعت 09:48

    I am concerned about the multiplicity of peace plans for peace in #Afghanistan. Peace cannot be achieved with various plans. For peace, we must think of unity, not plurality. Talking for peace but thinking for war never ends to peace. #PeaceForAfghanistan

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1400/01/10 ساعت 23:55

    #Iran’s active diplomacy in #Dushanbe: FM @JZarif attending «#HeartofAsia» Conf. on Afghanistan, also met presidents of #Afghanistan & #Tajikistan, FMs of both countries, MFAs of #India, #Turkey & #Azerbaijan, ES of #CICA and a trilateral meeting with Afgh. & Tajik. counterparts.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/11/22 ساعت 13:44

    Every day when I wake up, the news of the morning explosions in #Kabul saddens me. My God ! help a group in #Afghanistan to understand that a government based on a sea of ​​innocent blood will not be formed and will not last. #PeaceForAfghanistan

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/10/12 ساعت 18:41

    Where were you #Afghanistan ⁉️ No country in the world explicitly supports the survival of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan like 🇮🇷 but Afghanistan was absent from the #UNGA when voting against Iran. 🔴۱۱۰ in favor of 🇮🇷 🟢۱۵ against 🇮🇷 🟠 ۳۲ abstaine ◼ AFGHANISTAN ABSENTE.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/10/05 ساعت 12:40

    I can't say who❗ But I can say a high-ranking Afghan official told @JZarif you have a greater right to defend the Republic than I do. I was just a student when you in #Bonn Conference ۲۰۰۱ founded the foundations of the Islamic Republic of #Afghanistan.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/09/20 ساعت 00:30

    Everything has been done for opening ceremony for #KhafHerat railway tomorrow. #Afghanistan will connect to Europe and high seas. Afghanistan is no longer a Landlock country. My wish Peace & Security & Prosperity for Afghanistan.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/08/29 ساعت 01:37

    The first part of my recent interview with the #Etemad daily in English: Iran Says #US Should Not Leave #Afghanistan Irresponsibly https://ifpnews.com/iran-says-us-should-not-leave-afghanistan-irresponsibly via @Iranfrontpage

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/08/18 ساعت 22:12

    Today I had a good discussion on #Afghanistan with @DeborahLyonsUN SRSG for 🇦🇫. My main message to her in a short phrase: If int community eager to peace in 🇦🇫 the best way is #UN plays as the main coordinator for peace proces.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/08/13 ساعت 22:09

    A trilateral meeting between Iran, Russia and India on #Afghanistan was held in Moscow. The meeting expressed concern over the rise of extremism and terrorism, and called for peace and stability in Afghanistan and regional cooperation to strengthen peace in the country.

  • Head of #Afghanistan’s High Council for National Reconciliation @DrabdullahCE is in Tehran on a three-day visit for talks with #Iran-ian officials about Afghan peace process.

  • #Afghanistan’s Loya Jirga approved the release of a final batch of #Taliban prisoners and President Ghani acted accordingly. In an interview w/ Hamshahri, @suhailshaheen۱ says they should have been freed under US-Taliban deal―no need of Jirga approval. ۱/ http://newspaper.hamshahrionline.ir/id/۱۰۷۲۸۵/٪D۸٪B۷٪D۸٪A۷٪D۹٪۸۴٪D۸٪A۸٪D۸٪A۷٪D۹٪۸۶-٪D۹٪۸۵٪D۹٪۸۸٪D۸٪B۶٪D۸٪B۹-٪D۹٪BE٪DB٪۸C٪D۸٪B۱٪D۹٪۸۸٪D۸٪B۲-٪D۸٪AC٪D۹٪۸۶٪DA٪AF-٪D۹٪۸۵٪D۸٪B۰٪D۸٪A۷٪DA٪A۹٪D۸٪B۱٪D۹٪۸۷٪E۲٪۸۰٪۸C٪D۹٪۸۵٪DB٪۸C٪E۲٪۸۰٪۸C٪DA٪A۹٪D۹٪۸۶٪D۸٪AF.html

  • #Afghanistan’s Ghazanfar Bank to open branch in Chabahar According to Hussein Salimi, head of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce, the bank has received permits from the Central Bank of #Iran. #Chabahar is exempt from US sanctions. http://en.otaghiranonline.ir/news/۲۲۴۴۴

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/03/22 ساعت 12:47

    Good news 💥 According #Afghanistan MFA statement: 🇦🇫NSC approved for sending a high-level delegation to 🇮🇷 for negotiating on: Boredr Security, Preventing illegal traffic, Combating human trafficking,Reviewing the ۱۹۵۶ Border Agreement, Implementing of MOU on Afghan living in 🇮🇷

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/02/23 ساعت 05:10

    ۶۴ years ago (Jun ۲۵, ۱۹۵۶)#Iran and #Afghanistan signed an agreement on Border Commissioners to resolve the problems of incidents happened in common borders. The deal remains valid and could solve the problem of the recent border incident. https://rc.majlis.ir/fa/law/show/۹۴۹۸۲ https://t.co/r۴ulf۵Rij۵

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/02/01 ساعت 02:55

    I am optimistic about the results of Taherian's visit to #Afghanistan. I wish Afgh leaders and political figures to take a major step towards the start of intra-Afghan diologue with the formation of all-inclusive Gov which will result in complete peace and stability in AFG.

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/01/25 ساعت 23:55

    From Moscow to Delhi , from Beijing to Brussels and from Kabul to New York, senior experts gathered in #Tehran #webinar on #Afghanistan. We had very rich and friutful discussion. #IPIS Meeting on #Afghanistan WE DEFEAT #CORONA

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/01/16 ساعت 12:35

    Let's find #Afghanistan in the time of Corona. My opinion on recent developments of Afghanistan, Impact of #coronavirus on them and the Responsibility of #Iran for her neighbouring countries. http://www.etemadnewspaper.ir/fa/Main/Detail/۱۴۵۰۲۰/

  • رسول موسوی   rasmou@

    1399/01/06 ساعت 17:09

    #Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires from GB to USSR to USA to #corona new global devil. Long live Afghanistan, you will be succeeded against #corona, new global devil Emperor.

  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1398/12/26 ساعت 00:56

    If the #Taliban seek dialogue with local groups and the Afghanistan government, it will remain in power. The #US, although tactically giving concessions to the Taliban, has pursued a strategy of prolonged presence in #Afghanistan and will persecute the Taliban in its time.

  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1398/12/21 ساعت 15:30

    The withdrawal of part of the #US_military troops from #Afghanistan is just a show for Trump's victory in the election campaign. The US will justify its military presence in Afghanistan by supporting #ISIL terrorists and neglect the government rights.

  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1398/12/11 ساعت 13:48

    The #US_Taliban agreement does not work. The purpose of the deal is only to help #Trump win the presidential election. The US military will not leave #Afghanistan. Terrorism will remain in Afghanistan due to presence of #ISIL