• جاوید نیک پور   NikpourJavid@

    1400/08/09 ساعت 16:41

    I witnessed a diligent and veteran nation whose only hope was the presence of #US troops in the territory.

  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1400/05/24 ساعت 22:14

    The presence of Iran in Syria led to the defeat of ISIS and the retention of the legitimate president of Syria. The #US and #NATO military presence in Afghanistan led to the ouster of the legitimate president and the Taliban's takeover of #Afghanistan. Let's learn a lesson.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1400/04/29 ساعت 17:47

    No surprise that the employer talks to employees. #Alinejad has received hundreds of thousands of $ from US propaganda organ @VOAIran to run the dirty campaigns against #Iran.
    In the bizarre logic of #US arrogance she’s an «independent journalist»- such an assult to the real ones

  • In light of the new political tension created between #Iran and the #US and the delay in their return to #JCPOA, naturally the question of Iran's return to the oil market will be deferred to the next #OPEC + meeting …/۱ #OOTT

  • As Already known, the #US has welcomed participation in the informal ۵+۱ meeting–which #Iran considers ۴+۱ following the US withdrawal in ۲۰۱۸.The US gesture points to a stronger trend towards joining #JCPOA. Now the #OPEC+ members seem interested in knowing Iran’s plan../۲ #OOTT

  • Exclusive | The #US #Trump administration recently tried to oust #Iran from the International Energy Forum (IEF). But, it failed. What was the story?
    In the latest session of the #IEF, held through video conference, the American representative tried to lobby …/۱ #OOTT #OPEC #Oil

  • نمایندگی جمهوری اسلامی نزد سازمان ملل- ژنو   PMIRAN_GENEVA@

    1399/10/12 ساعت 23:26

    It's a well-documented fact, which's been admitted by Trump, that #US has had an crucial role in the rise of terrorism in our region, from AQ to ISIS.
    Not surprising that the US assassination of #GeneralSoleimani was cheered by ISIS: brothers in arms.

  • مانی محرابی   drmanimehrabi@

    1399/09/18 ساعت 08:10

    The possibility of a direct #US confrontation against #Iran in #Yemen.
    The transfer of US troops from #Somalia to #Djibouti, the focus on the #Yemeni_war, and the pressure on the #IslamicRepublic of Iran and Yemeni #Ansarullah could signal important developments.

  • Amir Hosein Zamaninia, Deputy Petroleum Minister for International and Commercial Affairs, stated at the #GECF Roundtable: "#US illegal, unilateral sanctions have reduced #Iran's foreign exchanges in the order of hundreds of billions of dollars, hence, limiting …/۱ #OOTT

  • نمایندگی جمهوری اسلامی نزد سازمان ملل- ژنو   PMIRAN_GENEVA@

    1399/08/19 ساعت 21:27

    -Cooperate with #ICC in investigation of #WarCrimes by #US military;
    -Reverse decision to sanction ICC prosecutors;
    -End its complicity in #Saudi atrocities against #Yemeni people & Israeli regime's against Palestinians;
    -Stop selling arms to Saudi & Israeli regime.

  • علی جعفریان   AJafarian1@

    1399/08/16 ساعت 00:50

    Is that normal for a #president to put question mark on the process of voting he himself is elected by?!

    #US is not what it was before.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/07/04 ساعت 00:00

    #Iran’s state TV airs new footage of Iranian drones recently intercepting #US naval squadron in Persian Gulf.

  • مهدی محمودی   mehdimahmudi@

    1399/06/30 ساعت 09:59

    اقدام آمریکا در بازگرداندن تحریمهای سازمان ملل علیرغم مخالفت اکثر اعضای این سازمان نشون میده که ساختار تصمیم گیری در این سازمان چقدر فشل و قدیمیه. #UN #sanctions #US

  • امیررضا شرکت   arsherkat@

    1399/05/16 ساعت 13:35

    The #US has been the only regime using atom power to attack another country and is currently in the business of developing small dirty bombs to normalize this devilish act. Can humanity stand against and say enough!? (۲/۲)

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/10 ساعت 12:49

    #Iran leader: This old man in office in #US used negotiations w #NorthKorea as a propaganda tool. He wants it for elections, but the system in US claims vital issues vis-a-vis Iran. That's why I am against talks w US. However we negotiate w the world except US & Zionist regime.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/10 ساعت 12:25

    #Iran's leader: If you retreat against the United States, it will come forward and say something new. The #US wants us to abandon our #nuclear program, reduce our defense capability, and destroy our regional authority. Even if we do, the United States will have a new demand.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/08 ساعت 14:50

    #Iran's leader: We consider the #US presence in West Asia to the detriment of the nations of this region & as the cause of insecurity, destruction & backwardness of the countries.

  • حسین امیرعبداللهیان   Amirabdolahian@

    1399/05/03 ساعت 15:22

    The US jet fighters' coming close to the iranian passenger plane proved, once more, the aliens' presence in the region is a serious threat to peace & security. #US military awaits dire consequences of its provocative behavior. Zionist cannot provoke & then said: no involvement!

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/03 ساعت 01:21

    Ambassador of #Switzerland to Tehran, as protector of the US interests in #Iran, has been informed that Iran will hold #US responsible if anything happens to the passenger plane #Mahan on the way back home, said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman.

  • علی جعفریان   AJafarian1@

    1399/03/23 ساعت 15:43

    Relationship between #Iran & #US is somehow similar to Tom & Jerry series, endless enmity parallel to bilateral interdependence!
    We give examples of excellence from US and their presidential election is dependent to Iran deal!

    How much strange is politics, isn't it?

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/03/22 ساعت 13:36

    #Iran's DepFM Baharvand says around ۲۰ Iranians are held in #US & in #Europe at the request of the US. He said Tehran is ready for prisoners swaps in cases that it is possible to exchange the people.

  • محمد قادری   ghaderi62@

    1399/02/29 ساعت 00:57

    #Iran's political warning to the #US to refrain from piracy will have other dimensions, such as expanding the scope of controls & care, needed in the area of long-distance maritime traffic & preparing for appropriate response to various possibilities.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/02/21 ساعت 15:14

    #Iran's leader: Outbreak of #COVID۱۹ in #US & #Europe started later than other countries & they had time to prepare for combating the virus, but they couldn't as appropriate. High number of infections, death tolls & unemployment in US & some EU countries indicate their inability.

  • محمد قره باغ   Gharebag@

    1399/02/08 ساعت 13:13

    Although ۲۳ m $ is ready in #japan to be transferred to #iran for humanitarian proposes amid #coronavirus breakout but IR ambassador ۲ Tokyo says #US sanctions has blocked all the ways to transfer the money. @IraninJapan @AbeShinzo

  • The #US #oil and #gas rig count fell ۷۶ week on week to ۴۹۱ after record low crude price.
    Oil rigs made up most of plunge, down ۷۳ to ۳۷۱.
    Rig count has lost ۴۱٪ of volume in last four weeks@PlattsOil #OOTT

  • …This notwithstanding the #US pressure for a higher #OPEC Plus increase.
    According to another piece of news, the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister has nominated Mr. #Haitham_al_Ghais, #Kuwait's former OPEC Governor, as a candidate for the post of OPEC Secretary-General…/۲ #OOTT

  • سید حسین موسویان   hmousavian@

    1400/06/10 ساعت 19:04

    An Expert wrote me:«global confict will not just be over water,but copper &lithium.Afghanistan is flush with both.Mining requires security.The US told the Taliban that we will mine these resources & give you commission,but don't bother us.This is the agreement the #US enforced.»

  • Minister Zangeneh told the #OPEC Secretary-General in their meeting today in Tehran: "Following the #US withdrawal from #JCPOA in May ۲۰۱۸, #Iran has thus far been deprived of ۲ billion barrels of its #oil exports, which is equivalent to almost ۱۲۰ billion dollars…/۱ #OOTT

  • The Korean Prime Minister' visit to Iran, apparently with the #US green light, seems to make political capital from the release of part of Iran's assets, and perhaps the defrost the frozen relations between Tehran and Seoul./۵ #OOTT

  • Angola’s Energy Minister: «is talked about the decrease in the #oil production in the #US due to the recent cold weather. »There is nothing definitive in this industry." #OOTT

  • حسین امیرعبداللهیان   Amirabdolahian@

    1399/11/02 ساعت 12:35

    White House's clear face of state terrorism D.Trump has gone & made room for Biden-Harris.JCPOA is now just a bunch of paper. Change to the #US longstanding hostile attitude & sanctions removal are vital. What matters to Iranian nation is the real behavior of the new WH occupants

  • علی اکبر جناب زاده   jenabzadeh@

    1399/10/19 ساعت 19:35

    As tensions rise in the region, #Iran's #IRGC sends out a clear message to the #US and its allies

  • Minister Zanganeh, leaving for Moscow tomorrow, will meet with deputy PM Novak. Given Novak's visit to #SaudiArabia today, and considering the possibility of the #US return to #JCPOA after Biden takes office in January, I speculate that #Iran's return to the oil market,../۱ #OOTT

  • …the #US will return to #JCPOA and Iran's current oil sanctions will gradually diminish.
    First Vice President @Eshaq_jahangiri :«#Iran does not waive its quota and the right to export #oil, the Iranian government will never waive the right of its people.»/۲ #OOTT #OPEC

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/08/20 ساعت 20:00

    #Iran’s president: Re-embracing adherence to recognised international laws, regulations and obligations, honouring other nations’ rights and compensating the losses incurred are prerequisites to healing the #US credibility across the world.

  • «#Oil, #Iran’s Economy and #Biden»

    This is the title of my article which was published in Hamshahri Newspaper in Iran. You can read it in the below #thread. #OOTT #USAelection۲۰۲۰ #OPEC

    ۱- What will be the impact of @JoeBiden’s presidency in the #US on Iran’s economy? …

  • کیانوش جهانپور   drjahanpur@

    1399/07/29 ساعت 01:39

    #Iran against #sanctions

    Banking sanctions & #medicine sanctions on #Iranian patients caused the anger of millions of Iranians at #US crimes against humanity



  • حسین امیرعبداللهیان   Amirabdolahian@

    1399/06/31 ساعت 23:20

    America, in ۴۰-year battle w/#Iran, has not only lost its military prestige,but the political one.From global perspective, the country which is home to the UN is deemed bullying, immoral, outlaw & lying regime. The world is become more insecure w/#US unilateral, unlawful actions.

  • سعید خطیب زاده   SKhatibzadeh@

    1399/05/30 ساعت 22:46

    Iran's Factsheet on the Illegitimate and Felonious #US Attempt to Re-Impose U.N. Sanctions on #Iran

  • امیررضا شرکت   arsherkat@

    1399/05/16 ساعت 13:35

    The sorrowful anniversary of #US atomic attack on #Hiroshima and #Nagasaki is a reminder of horror and destruction caused by unconstrained power and unconscionable technological advancement. (۱/۲)

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/10 ساعت 12:33

    #Iran's leader: What enemy (US) means by negotiations is to make us sit at the table and they say 'put aside your missile' and we say 'OK sir'. That is why I say I am against negotiations [with the #US].

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/10 ساعت 12:05

    #Iran's leader: Sanctions of the #US against Iranian nation are crime. Their short-term goal is to make people stand against the government. Their mid-term goal is to stop the progress of the country.Their long-term goal is to make us go bankrupt …
    They'll not reach their goals.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/08 ساعت 14:49

    #Iran leader: #US's treatment of weak nations is an enlarged version of the behavior of a policeman who put his knee on the neck of a defenseless black man & squeezed him to death.The other Western govments are each, to the extent possible, examples of this catastrophic situation

  • شهاب اسفندیاری   shbesfand@

    1399/05/03 ساعت 13:06

    US fighter jet threatens the lives of children, women and the elderly onboard a civilian airline.
    A hedeous and cowardly act of state terrorism code-named as «Maximum Pressure».
    #Mahan #MahanAir #Iran #US

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/03 ساعت 01:16

    #Iran MFA spox (on #Mahan plane): Details of the incident are under investigation & after conclusion, the necessary political & legal measures will be taken. Iran's #UN envoy has informed UNSG that Iran will hold #US responsible if anything happens to plane on the way back home.

  • فریدون جعفری   fereydoon2014@

    1399/03/23 ساعت 10:20

    Lets make this hashtag universal to condemn #US unacceptable action against #ICC:


  • علی جعفریان   AJafarian1@

    1399/03/13 ساعت 00:14

    Riots in #US is happening like many other countries.
    This time not supported by US government outside, but against them inside!

    Not happy about that unrest, but sad of the kind #colorred_skin people are treated.

  • #US crude #oil production is falling much more rapidly than official data estimates show. #oott

  • A quote from I.R Iran's supreme leader by his Twitter account, praising second Shia Imam (Imam Hasan) for making peace (with enemy) , is intensifying speculations about possible back-channel diplomacy & talks between #Iran and the #US

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/02/06 ساعت 13:29

    #Iran's president had a phone talk with Emir of #Qatar, today on Saturday, saying «Iran is closely monitoring #US actions, but will never be the first to initiate any conflict or tension in the region».