• سازمان ملل متحد در ایران   UN_Iran@

    1400/08/02 ساعت 10:18

    Today, the United Nations turns #۷۶.
    #UN development programmes support efforts to stop climate change, to promote better health care, an improved economy, increased drug control and more. Refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq are at the center of the UN’s humanitarian response.

  • برنامه توسعه سازمان ملل متحد   UNDPIran@

    1400/06/24 ساعت 18:36

    Earlier today, the #UNDP Team welcomed the new #UN Resident Coordinator in #Iran, Stefan Priesner and had a fruitful discussion on the country priorities, the next UN Cooperation cycle and how the UN can support Iran during these challenging times.

  • سازمان ملل متحد در ایران   UN_Iran@

    1400/03/04 ساعت 11:07

    #DYK: To support vulnerable groups like #children, young adolescents, and women, the #UN in Iran has partnered with #EUPartnerships to implement activities specifically targeting young people. Stay tuned and follow @EU_Partnerships to find out more. #EUinIran

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/12/12 ساعت 22:50

    #UN Secretary General @AntonioGuterres had a phone conversation with #Iran FM @JZarif over #Yemen, & called for continued Iranian efforts to help bring peace to Yemen. Zarif stressed the need to end the war, lift the siege and provide humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people.

  • سازمان ملل متحد در ایران   UN_Iran@

    1399/10/28 ساعت 12:42

    We are pleased to announce that Mr. Alexander Fedulov, #UNODC Representative in #Iran will be also serving as the #UN Resident Coordinator ad interim. #Welcome and thank you.

  • سازمان ملل متحد در ایران   UN_Iran@

    1399/09/17 ساعت 09:39

    in #Iran is committed to supporting the Government to overcome wider #COVID۱۹ impact. Our integrated approach focuses on:
    Health system strengthening
    Social protection/
    Employment generation / #jobs


  • نمایندگی جمهوری اسلامی نزد سازمان ملل- ژنو   PMIRAN_GENEVA@

    1399/09/09 ساعت 15:27

    Vicious assassination of Iranian scientist Dr. #Fakhrizadeh is a serious violation of int’l law & int'l human rights law and an alarming threat to the rule of law and civility. Int'l community should not let the evil of war-mongering state terrorism become further banalized.

  • علیرضا میریوسفی   miryousefi@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 03:19

    .@TakhtRavanchi’s letter to #UN:Warning against any adventuristic measures by the U.S. & Israel,particularly during the remaining period of the current U.S.administration in office,Iran reserves its rights to take all necessary measures to defend its people & secure its interests

  • صندوق جمعیت ملل متحد   UNFPA_IRAN@

    1399/08/03 ساعت 20:27

    Let’s strive for the better world the #UN Charter envisaged ۷۵ years ago.
    #un۷۵ #UnitedNationsDay

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/07/01 ساعت 21:27

    #Iran’s president: All of us across the globe are experiencing difficult times during #COVID۱۹. However, my nation, instead of enjoying global partnership & cooperation, is grappling with the harshest sanctions in history imposed in blatant & gross violation of the #UN Charter.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/03 ساعت 01:16

    #Iran MFA spox (on #Mahan plane): Details of the incident are under investigation & after conclusion, the necessary political & legal measures will be taken. Iran's #UN envoy has informed UNSG that Iran will hold #US responsible if anything happens to plane on the way back home.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/04/09 ساعت 13:16

    #Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Mousavi said that Iranian Foreign Minister @JZarif, tomorrow on Tuesday & via video-conference, will attend & deliver speech to #UN Security Council session on examining implementation of UNSCR ۲۲۳۱.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/03/23 ساعت 20:46

    #Iran's Foreign Ministry, in a statement, rejected «the claims by the #UN Secretariat» on the origins of the attack on Saudi oil facilities, saying that the report seems to have been prepared under US & #SaudiArabia pressure & for political purposes.

  • هفته اول اسفند برای یک مصاحبه قرار بود او را ببینم که کرونا آمد. حالا می‌خواهم کاری که در دوره حیاتش میسور نشد، به انجام برسانم.
    دیپلمات‌ها، مدیران و کارشناسان نفتی چه در وزارت نفت و چه در وزارت امورخارجه و چه در نهادهای بین المللی نظیر #OPEC #GECF #IMF #UN و../٣

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/02/07 ساعت 15:00

    #UN SG @antonioguterres, for the ۳rd time in past ۲ weeks, had a phone talk w/ #Iran's FM @JZarif, «welcoming Iran's efforts for ceasefire & starting political talks in #Yemen». Both discussed «opening borders & ports to send humanitarian aid for people of Yemen during #COVID۱۹».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/01/23 ساعت 23:23

    #Iran’s foreign minister @JZarif and #UN Secretary General @antonioguterres had a phone conversation over the US sanctions on Iran, as well as the latest developments in #Yemen.
    #CoronaVirus #COVID۱۹

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/12/22 ساعت 14:55

    #Iran’s foreign minister @JZarif has written a letter to the Secretary General of the #UN saying that «unilateral & unlawful sanctions of the #US are a major barrier to combating spread of #CoronaVirus in Iran & that those sanctions must end».

  • علیرضا میریوسفی   miryousefi@

    1398/10/21 ساعت 04:07

    ۱۲۰ countries of NAM strongly rejects the denial of the issuance of the entry visa by the US to @JZarif to attend the #UNSC Meeting at the invitation of Council's President, scheduled for ۹ Jan ۲۰۲۰ as a flagrant violation of the provisions of #UN HQ Agreement as well as int. law

  • علیرضا میریوسفی   miryousefi@

    1398/10/19 ساعت 01:19

    Amb. Ravanchi's letter to @antonioguterres & #UNSC: Iran is committed to the purposes & principles enshrined in #UN Charter, recalls its dedication to the maintenance of International peace & security & stresses that it does not seek escalation or war.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/10/17 ساعت 12:12

    #Iran's FM: Our request for a visa to attend a #UN meeting in NY has been for weeks ago & it's not new. US gov is lying by saying they didn't have enough time. They're afraid one comes & tells truth to American people …World isn't limited to NY, we can speak to world from Tehran

  • محمدرضا نوروزپور   noroozpour@

    1398/10/11 ساعت 14:48

    Ali Bagheri-Kani took place of Mohammad-Javad #Larijani, as new Secretary of High Council for Human rights. Larijani, the former diplomat and the eldest of the Larijani brothers, had served in this position for ۱۴ years. @UNHumanRights
    @UN @UN_Iran

  • مصطفی نقی پورفر   Naghipourfar@

    1398/10/07 ساعت 14:53


  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/09/23 ساعت 11:15

    Here in @DohaForum, as US Treasury Secretary @stevenmnuchin۱ is sitting & listening, #Malaysia PM Mahathir Mohamad says «Malaysia does not support reimposition of unilateral sanctions of the US against #Iran» & that «the sanctions are against the #UN charter & international law.»

  • مصطفی نقی پورفر   Naghipourfar@

    1398/08/22 ساعت 08:24

    #CrimesAgainstHumanity @UN @UNICEF @UNICEF_IRAN @UNICEFUSA

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/07/29 ساعت 10:37

    #Iran's foreign ministry spokesman: Comprehensive investigation is underway about the attack on the Iranian tanker #SABITI. A report on this has been sent to the #UN and the Security Council …Those behind the attack will be punished.

  • سازمان ملل متحد در ایران   UN_Iran@

    1400/08/03 ساعت 10:28

    #۷۶yearsago, the #UN was created as a vehicle of hope for a world emerging from the shadow of conflict.
    We need to come together to tackle great challenges to end the conflicts that scar our world."
    --part of @antonioguterres message:

  • سازمان ملل متحد در ایران   UN_Iran@

    1400/07/12 ساعت 11:41

    In response to the ۱ Minute Survey for #UN ۷۵th Anniversary @antonioguterres released his vision on the future of global cooperation + effective #multilateralism. Calling for countries to come together to address critical global issues. Full report: https://bit.ly/۳nwfeiN

  • Everybody has turned a blind eye on the ongoing predicament faced by the people in Afghanistan. And #We_the_Peoples wonder why. What is behind the inaction by the #world_community?
    When do you stop opening the Pandora's box here in #ME?


  • سازمان ملل متحد در ایران   UN_Iran@

    1400/01/17 ساعت 19:31

    #DYK: transport contributes approx. ۱۴٪ of the global GHG emission making it ۱ of the biggest pollutants contributing to climate change & air pollution? To promote green mobility & support #Tuesdays_without_car initiative, #UN RC a.i. @cprovidas & some staff biked to work today

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/11/15 ساعت 18:26

    Top #UN court (ICJ) rejects US preliminary objections to its jurisdiction to hear Iranian claim against US over violation of ۱۹۵۵ Treaty of Amity between #Iran-US, from which US later unilaterally withdrew in ۲۰۱۸. The court had ruled in ۲۰۱۹ it has jurisdiction to hear the case.

  • Mr.#antonioguterres! Last year these days, the USA regime violated UN Charter by assassinating General #Qassem_Soleimani, the number one commander of the fight against US-made terrorism.The question of Iranian nation is what has #UN done to confront such a international offender?

  • صندوق جمعیت ملل متحد   UNFPA_IRAN@

    1399/09/11 ساعت 12:33

    Each year, on ۱ December, Iran joins the world to commemorate World #AIDS Day
    Government-supported health centers, NGOs and #UN agencies work with Ministry of #Health to support people living with and affected by #HIV, contributing to making Iran a healthier place.

  • نمایندگی جمهوری اسلامی نزد سازمان ملل- ژنو   PMIRAN_GENEVA@

    1399/09/09 ساعت 02:22

    Vicious assassination of Iranian scientist Dr. #Fakhrizadeh is a serious violation of int’l law & int'l human rights law and an alarming threat to the rule of law and civility. Int'l community should not let the evil of war-mongering state terrorism become further banaized.

  • سازمان ملل متحد در ایران   UN_Iran@

    1399/08/25 ساعت 10:39

    #UN Iran is pleased to announce that Mr. Claudio Providas (@cprovidas), #UNDP Representative, will also serve as UN Resident Coordinator ad interim for the next month.

    Head of agencies have kindly agreed to rotate in this important role till a new RC has been found.

  • علیرضا میریوسفی   miryousefi@

    1399/07/03 ساعت 07:20

    .@TakhtRavanchi to #UN: Saudi Arabia has been a source of instability in the region for decades. It was the main financial supporter of Saddam & Its Wahhabi ideology is the main inspiring source of #ISIL & Al-Qaida.Saudis have served as the main financier of such terrorist groups

  • مهدی محمودی   mehdimahmudi@

    1399/06/30 ساعت 09:59

    اقدام آمریکا در بازگرداندن تحریمهای سازمان ملل علیرغم مخالفت اکثر اعضای این سازمان نشون میده که ساختار تصمیم گیری در این سازمان چقدر فشل و قدیمیه. #UN #sanctions #US

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/04/10 ساعت 10:31

    #Iran’s envoy to the #UN Ravanchi says the US will hear once again the world supporting the #JCPOA at the UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday.

  • پیمان سعادت   PSeadat@

    1399/03/29 ساعت 01:38

    What a shame! The #UN has removed the #SaudiCoalition from blacklist of parties violating #ChildrenRights. Only a year ago, UN found the coalition killed or injured hundreds of children in #Yemen.

  • مرکز اطلاعات سازمان ملل متحد - تهران   UNICTehran@

    1399/03/08 ساعت 17:36

    پیام آنتونیو گوترش، دبیر کل سازمان ملل متحد به مناسبت روز بین المللی صلح بانان ملل متحد.

    The #UnitedNations Secretary-General @antonioguterres message for the International Day of #peacekeepers.

    #UN-Iran #globalgoals #decadeofaction

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/02/15 ساعت 14:13

    #Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman (on the absence of Iran-US hotline): There are other ways to communicate. Swiss Embassy in Tehran, as protector of US interests in Iran, is in close contact with us. There're other connections at other levels as well, such as our mission to #UN.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/01/24 ساعت 22:36

    #UN Secretary General @antonioguterres had a phone talk with #Iran’s FM @JZarif on Sunday night, making it their ۲nd phone conversation in ۲۴ hours. They discussed ceasefire in #Yemen. Zarif briefed UNSG on Iranian diplomatic efforts to resolve political crisis in #Afghanistan.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/01/01 ساعت 20:27

    #Iran FM @JZarif had a phone conversation with #UN Secretary General @antonioguterres over the latest developments on combat against #CoronaVirus & the barriers Iran faces as a result of the US sanctions. Zarif had earlier had a phone talk with #Japan FM over #COVID۱۹ & sanctions

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/12/02 ساعت 22:00

    #Iran’s foreign minister @JZarif and #UN Secretary General @antonioguterres had a phone conversation over latest developments in #Afghanistan.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/10/20 ساعت 02:20

    #Iran's UN envoy Ravanchi delivered a statement to a #UN meeting on behalf of Iranian foreign minister @JZarif whose visa was denied by the US government. Ravanchi said Zarif's «visa was denied by the U.S. in contravention of the Headquarters Agreement».

  • علیرضا میریوسفی   miryousefi@

    1398/10/18 ساعت 05:55

    Amb. Ravanchi’s to @antonioguterres&#unsc: Iran will take all necessary & proportionate measures against any threat or use of force. This is in accordance with its inherent right under Article ۵۱ of the Charter of the #UN, & Iran will not hesitate to exercise it when required

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/10/13 ساعت 22:02

    #Iran's foreign minister @JZarif had a phone conversation with #UN Secretary General @antonioguterres on Friday night over the assassination of #QasemSoleimani and saying that «the terrorist regime of the US will face all the consequences of this».

  • کیانوش جهانپور   drjahanpur@

    1398/10/09 ساعت 20:01

    U.S. #Sanctions Are Killing #MPS Patients in #Iran

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1398/09/24 ساعت 10:39

    هزینه هایی که ایالات متحده آمریکا به تفکیک صرف نهادهای سازمان ملل می‌کند.

    بدین طریق آمریکا دارای بیشترین تاثیرگذاری بر این سازمان‌ها است.

    #USA #UN
    #UnitedNation #UNESCO #UNICEF

  • محبوبه نیاورانی   M_niavarani@

    1398/09/01 ساعت 23:05

    آیا نهاد حقوق بشری هم پیدا می‌شه #آمریکا رو بدلیل جلوگیری از دسترسی ایران به داروهای حیاتی و سلب دارو از بیماران پروانه‌ای، EB که تاکنون منجر به کشته شدن ۲۰ نفر از این بیمارها شده، تحریم کند؟

  • امیر خانزاده   Amirkhanzad1980@

    1398/07/30 ساعت 10:05

    To @antonioguterres : @RTErdogan's killing in #Syria is like a #war_crime. The crimes that will be written in history. Here we can clearly see the Inefficiency of the @UN that does not respond to his actions.