• Yesterday the #JTC (Joint Technical Committee) meeting was held through a video conference. The #JMMC meeting will also be held this afternoon, to be followed by an #OPEC Plus ministerial meeting tomorrow.
    Let me intimate some details. /۱ #OOTT #Thread #oil

  • …Iran's crude oil and gas condensates' exports return to the pres-sanctions' level. But, I also know from experience, it is absolutely necessary to mobilize public sensitivity and active support for those efforts.
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    ۱- Why can't #Iraq be fully trusted about its promise to remain committed to the production cuts set by #OPEC?
    The country that hosted the establishment of OPEC in its capital more than ۶۰ years ago, is now the biggest violator of the organization's quota system.#OOTT

  • The traveler to #India who was left behind.
    ۲۲ April ۲۰۱۹, the exemption of ۸ countries importing Iranian oil, including India, was not extended by the United States. The US oil sanctions against Iran went fully into effect …/۱ #OOTT

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    My article that was published in Hamshahri newspaper today:

    *The Six-and-a-Half-Million-Barre Meter!*

    ۱- Recently I have found a simple gauge for evaluating the country's situation. Well, you might as well use this gauge- or meter -for …

  • سارا معصومی   SaraMassoumi@

    1399/11/11 ساعت 13:07

    For those who are interested in Full EN translation of my interview with @JZarif :
    We didn’t trust the Europeans and didn’t overestimate their power. They indeed proved this time that they cannot do anything when it comes to sanctions./۱

  • My article published in #Iran in the front page of Etemad Newspaper. The title is: «#OPEC Turned Sixty: Happy Birthday #OPEC»
    Let us assume that we didn’t have OPEC.Then, what would the world do without an important anchor ensuring equilibrium..
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    The procedure for setting the new date for the #OPEC Ministerial meeting these days doesn't seem to be appropriate for such a prestigious organization. It doesn't look to be in line with the spirit of the OPEC statutes and regulations either …/۱ #OOTT