• #Iran’s FM @JZarif said: «We do not seek escalation or war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression.» Now, we need a strong message from #OPEC to reject a new war in the Middle East. This is in the interest of all OPEC members. #OOTT @OPECSecretariat

  • ladies and Gentlemen; Thank you for your great hospitality in the #OPEC meetings, twice a year and every year. #Happy_New_Year @OPECSecretariat #OOTT

  • #Iran’s #oil minister, Zanganeh: «I am certain one of the reasons for the #US to impose sanctions on Iran has been to make room for its shale oil in the market; therefore, the sanctions issue is not merely a political matter, but rather an economic one.» #OOTT #OPEC

  • Welcome to the December ۲۰۱۹ edition of the #OPEC Monthly #oil Market Report. Part.۲ #MOMR @OPECSecretariat #OOTT

  • About the Iran’s government's proposed budget bill for next year: Crude oil and gas condensate exports: ۱ million barrels per day. Price of #oil in budget: $۵۰ per barrel. The bill must be approved by parliament in the next three months. #OOTT #OPEC

  • مطلب امروزم با عنوان «کاهش کاغذی» بعنوان تیتر یک روزنامه اعتماد منتشر شده است. این مطلب، گزارشی است از جلسه ١٧٧ وزرای اوپک و هفتمین نشست وزیران اوپکی و غیر اوپکی‌ها در وین. می‌توانید در لینک زیر بخوانید. #OOTT #OPEC http://www.etemadnewspaper.ir/fa/main/detail/۱۳۸۳۱۶/ …کاهش-کاغذی PRODUCTION CUT ON PAPER

  • شانا - شبکه اطلاع‌ رسانی نفت و انرژی   Shana_News@

    1398/09/15 ساعت 18:37

    ۵ OPEC Decision in ۱۷۷th Meeting - Shana The ۱۴-member #OPEC agreed to deepen its output cuts in Vienna at the ۱۷۷th OPEC meeting by ۵۰۳,۰۰۰ bd as of January ۱, ۲۰۲۰ from ۱.۲ mbd to ۱.۷۰۳ mbd. #opecmeeting

  • #OPEC movie. The actors: Delegates and Journalists. part.۱ @OPECSecretariat #۱۷۷th_OPEC_Meeting #OOTT

  • روزنامه همشهری   hamshahrinews@

    1398/09/15 ساعت 15:29

    نشست وزرای اوپک و غیراوپکی‌ها به ریاست روسیه ظهر امروز به وقت محلی اتریش در مقر دبیرخانه #اوپک در وین آغاز شد جزئیات توافق ۱۴ کشور عضو سازمان کشورهای صادرکننده نفت (اوپک) قرار است امروز پس از نشست با اعضای غیراوپک اعلام ‌شود.|نورنیوز #OPEC

  • Iran oil min #Zangeneh ahead of the OPEC+ meeting in Vienna: #OPEC has reached a consensus already but its implementation will depend on the meeting with non-OPEC producers; if they agree to undergo commitments, then OPEC decision can become operational.

  • #Iran’s #oil minister, Zanganeh: «In the next three or four months we will have an extraordinary ##OPEC meeting.» #OOTT

  • …The deal has been reached and Iraq's share is apparently ۵۰ thousand barrels./۲ #OOTT #OPEC

  • Iraq's share for more cut: ۵۰ T/b #OOTT #OPEC

  • The #OPEC journalists are very tired. The OPEC meeting is not over yet. @OPECSecretariat #OOTT @OpecStairwell

  • Production Cut on Paper, Not in Reality. #OPEC said over-compliance was at ۱۴۲pc, so this ۵۰۰,۰۰۰ b/d additional cut was already off the market. The ۱.۷mn b/d cut announced is more symbolic than real. All this does is shift the burden away from #Saudi_Arabia to others. #OOTT

  • If one of the proposals tomorrow involves the removal of country-level quotas, be sure that #Iran will not accept such a thing. #OPEC #OOTT

  • #Iran’s #oil minister Zanganeh, will be in Vienna tomorrow morning at ۶am. #OOTT #OPEC

  • Banks including Citigroup Inc. and BNP Paribas SA say (#oil) prices could slump below $۵۰ a barrel next year. #OOTT #OPEC برخی بانک‌ها از جمله سی تی گروپ معتقدند که قیمت‌های نفت می‌توانند در سال آینده به زیر ٥٠ دلار در هر بشکه سقوط کنند. (بلومبرگ)

  • The November ۲۰۱۹ edition of the #OPEC monthly #oil market report؛ part.۲ #OOTT @OPECSecretariat

  • OECD #oil stocks and oil on water at the end of period. ۱۴ Nov #OPEC

  • #OPEC crude oil production based on secondary sources. Nov ۱۴ #MOMR #OOTT @OPECSecretariat Saudi: ۹.۸۹۰ tb/d in Oct. +۱۰۹۴ Iraq: ۴.۶۹۰ tb/d in Oct. -۴۲ UAE: ۳.۱۰۶ tb/d in Oct. +۲۳ Total: ۲۹.۶۵۰ tb/d in Oct. +۹۴۳

  • We are confident there will be a US-China deal: #OPEC secretary general #OOTT

  • Crude prices, trading at about $۶۲ a barrel in London, may tumble almost ۳۰٪ to $۴۵ a barrel if #OPEC and its allies don’t announce deeper production cutbacks, according to Morgan Stanley. Citigroup Inc. and BNP Paribas SA predict a slide to the low $۵۰s. #OOTT @BloombergNRG

  • #Iran’s #oil Minister, Zangeneh: «the new discovery had added ۲۲ billion barrels of crude oil to previous estimates of the field.» - The newly-discovered oilfield in Khuzesan was named Namavaran, adding the field had an oil in place estimate of ۵۳ billion barrels.#OOTT #OPEC

  • President @HassanRouhani announced the discovery of a new #oil field in the south-western province of Khuzestan. Rouhani said that the field’s reserves were estimated to contain ۵۳ billion barrels of oil in place:"the field straddled from Bostan to Omidiyeh../۱ #OOTT #OPEC