• A meeting with Biden; More oil in the market. #OOTT #OPEC

  • #Oil steadied after #OPEC said a planned coordinated release of reserves may swell a surplus expected early next year #OOTT

  • Top #oil producers #SaudiArabia and #Russia are considering a move to pause their recent efforts to provide the world with more crude. #OOTT

  • Brent above $۸۰.
    Now: $۸۲٫۵۶
    علیرغم دستور بایدن برای رها سازی ٥٠ میلیون بشکه از ذخایر نفتی استراتژیک آمریکا، و همراهی انگلیس، هند، ژاپن و کره جنوبی با این تصمیم، قیمت نفت برنت به بالای ٨٠ دلار بازگشت. الان: ٨٢٫٥٣دلار. #OOTT

  • A decision that does not have much effect on oil prices.

    *Joe Biden is announcing that the Department of Energy will make available releases of ۵۰ million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices… #OOTT

  • President Joe Biden is preparing to announce a release of oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve in concert with several other countries as soon as Tuesday, according to people familiar with the plan.

  • #Iran and #Azerbaijan, members of the #OPEC+ alliance, are looking at finalizing «soon» a number of energy deals, including joint development of an oil field in the #Caspian Sea, Iranian oil minister Javad Owji said. #OOTT

  • …Previously, the necessary negotiations for the project had been undertaken for the participation of the German Company Wintersal, as the partner of Dana Company, which failed to reach the stage of agreement due to the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal (#JCPOA)./۲ #OOTT

  • The average price of gasoline is about to cross $۴ a gallon in three U.S. states. The last time that happened, was in ۲۰۰۸, when oil was at its all-time of more than $۱۴۷ a barrel #OOTT

  • Eying higher oil prices, Pioneer Natural Resources to minimize hedging next year

  • The Oil Minister of #Mexico will also attend the press conference. #OOTT

  • The meeting just finished.#OOTT

  • The End. #OPEC #OOTT

  • #Iran’s #oil minister #Owji. The #OPEC+ meeting has begun. The meeting will be very short. #OOTT

  • …He is widely known in the #OPEC. The official letter of nomination is expected to be submitted today. The second term of service of Mohammed Sanusi #Barkindo, the current Secretary-General of OPEC, will terminate by ۲۰۲۲. #OOTT

  • Later today the #OPEC Plus meeting will be held. What I have gathered from the OPEC Governors' meeting during the past two days point in the direction that most countries tend to maintain the current situation; that is, the same ۴۰۰ thousand bpd production increase…/۱ #OOTT

  • OPEC Exporting Countries is reviving supplies halted during the pandemic, but added only ۱۴۰,۰۰۰ barrels a day last month because of the difficulties faced by Angola and Nigeria, according to a Bloomberg survey. #OOTT

  • After almost two years of virtual meetings, the first real meeting of the #OPEC members, at the level of Governors, is scheduled to take place from ۲-۳ November ۲۰۲۱ in Vienna. The meeting will be chaired by #Iran, to be represented by Amir-Hossein Zamaninia…/۱ #OOTT

  • An OPEC+ committee largely stuck to forecasts of a strong demand rebound this year and next ahead of a meeting next week, at which the group is expected to rubber stamp a planned output increase of ۴۰۰,۰۰۰ barrels per day (bpd) in December.

  • #Oil prices fell about ۱٪ to their lowest in two weeks on Thursday after #Iran said talks with world powers on its nuclear programme would resume by the end of November and on rising U.S. crude inventories. #OOTT

  • Just too bad that the longer pepetuation of the sanctions of the oil industry will further drive Iran into poverty;a country so blessed with huge oil reserves.Resuscitate #JCPOA as fast as you can & remove dantions,otherwise Iran's state of backwardness will further deepen. #OOTT

  • …could be to extend support, in a joint statement, to the achievements of the cooperation between #OPEC and OPEC Plus. Since Russia is now serving as the chair of the joint OPEC and OPEC Plus meeting, the petroleum minister could also, before or after the Saudi visit,../۳ #OOTT

  • We have witnessed in the past, in #OPEC meetings and away from political tension between the two countries, how the petroleum minister of Iran and the energy minister of #SaudiArabia talk to and interact with each other… /۱ #OOTT @OPECSecretariat @Amirabdolahian

  • …should know that the profits from the ۸۱-dollar oil per barrel are in fact Iran's net loss. Iran's competitors are currently enjoying the windfall, and we just happen to be a mere spectator!/۲ #OOTT #JCPOA

  • #OOEC+ meeting ended. Thank you #OPEC. See, short, sharp meetings are great! #OOTT. @OPECSecretariat

    ۲۱st OPEC and non-OPEC Ministerial Meeting concludes