• Things are happening in the #OPEC meeting. #Iraq appears to be presenting a candidate for the post of Secretary-General. Given the situation, I think the decision has to be postponed to a later meeting. #OOTT

  • #Iraq #oil minister says exploration underway at four western desert site

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/08/16 ساعت 15:34

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian had a phone talk with #Iraq FM @Fuad_Hussein۱, following an assassination attempt against Iraqi PM. Iran FM said "these measures run counter to Iraq’s stability & security & have been carried out by ill-wishers with the purpose of upsetting calm in Iraq.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/08/16 ساعت 09:13

    In first reaction by an Iranian official to the assassination attempt against #Iraq PM @MAKadhimi, Secretary of #Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Shamkhani says «the assassination attempt against Iraqi PM is a new sedition that must be traced back to foreign think tanks».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/07/12 ساعت 17:39

    An Iraqi source said phone conversation between King Abdullah II of #Jordan & #Syria President Bashar al-Assad was mediated by #Iraq esp Iraqi President @BarhamSalih.
    The source added #Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will have a phone talk with al-Assad in the coming days.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/07/03 ساعت 21:40

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian met #Iraq FM @Fuad_Hussein۱ and #Algeria FM @Lamamra_dz today in New York.

  • سعید خطیب زاده   SKhatibzadeh@

    1400/06/31 ساعت 11:59

    Continuing his busy schedule, FM @Amirabdolahian met w FMs of #Germany, #Austria, #Switzerland, #Croatia & EU's @JosepBorrellF, & took part in the follow-up of Baghdad conference.
    Brief exchanges w FMs of #Venezuela & #Iraq too.
    #BalancedActiveFP in action.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/30 ساعت 22:25

    #Iran president: Today, the US does not get to exit #Iraq and #Afghanistan but is expelled. And, at the same time, it is the oppressed people, from Palestine and Syria to Yemen and Afghanistan, as well as the US taxpayers, who have to pay for this lack of rationality.

  • …. I haven't heard anything about how billions of dollars of outstanding Iraqi debt for Iranian exports of gas and electricity are going to be repaid. That needs to be negotiated and reported to the people./۲ #OOTT #OPEC #Iran #Iraq

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/06/22 ساعت 10:57

    Iran, Iraq agree to accelerate Basra-Shalamcheh railway project

    Khorramshahr-Basra railway stretches ۴۴ km from #Iran to #Iraq, ۱۲ km of which from has been completed by the Iranian side, but the Iraqi side has failed to carry out its portion.

  • In meeting with my friend Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Prime Minister of #Iraq, we emphasized ۳ strategic issues; The need to strengthen Iraq's regional role, the non-interference of supra-regional powers in regional affairs & constructive role of regional countries in resolving crises

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/21 ساعت 10:49

    #Iraq Prime Minister @MAKadhimi has arrived in #Iran’s capital city Tehran to meet Iranian officials.

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/06/17 ساعت 21:29

    Increased tariffs hampering Iranian exports to #Iraq

    Imposition of strict restrictions on visa issuance for Iranian businessmen and increased tariffs are damaging Iran’s trade with neighboring Iraq, expert says.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/07 ساعت 14:56

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian has arrived in Damascus. He was welcomed by #Syria FM Faisal Mekdad in the airport. Amirabdollahian is visiting Syria after he attended Baghdad summit in #Iraq yesterday.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 22:53

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian met #Iraq’s parliament speaker met on the sideline of Baghdad summit.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 19:58

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian and #Iraq PM @MAKadhimi met bilaterally on the sideline of Baghdad summit.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 15:37

    Baghdad regional summit gets underway in #Iraq’s capital city. From #Iran, FM @Amirabdolahian is attending the conference.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 12:07

    #Iraq FM @Fuad_Hussein۱ welcomed #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian upon arrival in Baghdad.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 07:33

    #Iran FM: We welcome any regional initiative by #Iraq where regional countries participate. #Syria had to be invited to Baghdad summit. However, we’re in contact w Syrian leaders & will directly consult w them on the summit & role of regional countries in any regional initiative.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/05 ساعت 08:21

    A delegation led by #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian will attend regional summit in Baghdad, said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/05/26 ساعت 18:52

    #Iran president: Iraq's initiative to hold a summit of neighbors will bring significant achievements. ۱st achievement will be showing #Iraq’s role & power in the region. ۲nd will be bringing authority for the region itself & that regional countries can resolve their issues.

  • روح الله نخعی   The_Ruhi@

    1400/05/25 ساعت 17:47

    After #Iraq and now the disaster of #Afghanistan anyone supporting an invasion and/or a military solution (specially by the US) for any other country is either stupid, desperate or has ulterior motives.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/05/19 ساعت 19:36

    #Iraq FM met #Iran president Raisi, FM @JZarif & SNSC Secretary today in Tehran. He handed Iran president official invitation to attend regional summit in Baghdad, saying «the summit aims to create a ground for dialogue btwn regional countries to reach a collective understanding»

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/05/16 ساعت 12:14

    US renews sanctions waiver for #Iraq to import Iranian energy

    The US has allowed Iraq to continue to import gas and electricity from #Iran until the start of December as part of Washington’s temporary waivers from sanctions imposed on Iran since ۲۰۱۸.

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/05/13 ساعت 11:37

    #Iran exports $۲٫۸bn worth of goods to #Iraq in four months

  • According to an informed source, #Iraq has disagreed with the #Saudi way of pushing for the decision on the election of the #Kuwaiti candidate. Iraq considers it in contravention of the Organization's rules of procedure. #OOTT #OPEC

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/09/02 ساعت 16:15

    #Iran private sector calls for reopening transit route to #Syria via #Iraq

    Chairman of Iran-Syria Joint Chamber of Commerce called for reopening Iran transit road to Syria with cooperation of the Iraqi government and the Iranian Ministry of Road.

  • The agreement on the Development of the Sohrab #Oilfield (joint field with #Iraq) will be signed next week, at the presence of #Iran’s Petroleum Minister Javad Owji, between #NIOC and Dana Energy Company…/۱ #OOTT

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/08/16 ساعت 13:05

    #Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned «targeting Iraqi PM» and stressed «Iran’s continued support for stability, peace and security in #Iraq».

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/07/25 ساعت 10:12

    Iran resumes power exports to Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan

    As peak summer demand peters out, electricity exports to #Iraq, #Pakistan and #Afghanistan, which were halted to help stabilize power supply in summer, has resumed, a deputy energy minister said.

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/07/11 ساعت 12:19

    #Iran keen on renewing gas export contract with #Iraq

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/07/01 ساعت 06:49

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian met president of #Iraq @BarhamSalih on the sideline of the #UNGA in New York, discussing the expansion of the ties.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/31 ساعت 00:35

    A meeting on #Iraq is now underway in New York on the sideline of #UNGA. #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian, some other FMs mostly from the region are attending the session. France FM is also seen in the photo.

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/06/24 ساعت 11:43

    #Iran, #Iraq agree to accelerate Basra-Shalamcheh railway project

    #Khorramshahr-#Basra railway stretches ۴۴ km from southwestern Iran to Iraq, ۱۲ km of which has been completed by the Iranian side, but the Iraqi side has failed to carry out its part.

  • Expansion of relations with our neighbor #Iraq is the right strategy. Yesterday, good news came out about the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries after the meeting between Prime Minister Al-Kazemi and President Raisi. But,…/۱ #OOTT #OPEC

  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1400/06/21 ساعت 21:41

    The beginning of Iran's foreign relations in the new government from #Iraq and #Syria and the visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister to Tehran show the principled approach of foreign policy and show the government's attention to the spiritual influence of the #Iran in the region.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/21 ساعت 17:45

    #Iran President Raisi welcomed and met #Iraq Prime Minister @MAKadhimi today in Tehran. There was a joint press conference after the meeting.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/18 ساعت 23:10

    #Iraq Prime Minister @MAKadhimi will visit Tehran on Sunday to meet Iranian officials. Iraq recently hosted a summit in Baghdad where some foreign leaders and regional foreign ministers including #Iran FM attended.

  • As we know, Emirates played the prominent role in complicating negotiations in the last #OPEC+ meeting. Today, it could perhaps be #Iraq's turn. There exists almost unanimity about this meeting's roll-over decision…/۱ #OOTT

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/07 ساعت 10:32

    #Iran FM had said that he would directly consult with Syrian officials on the Baghdad summit and regional issues. His trip to #Syria right after #Iraq, is in line with his argument that Syria had to be invited to the summit.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 20:39

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian met president of #Iraq @BarhamSalih on Saturday evening in Baghdad.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 17:46

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian gave a speech in Arabic at Baghdad summit saying «I regret that #Syria has no place [in this conference] among the pro-Iraq countries… Iran has always stressed the realization of peace through dialogue & negotiation within the region.»

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 15:34

    Photo op ahead of the #Baghdad regional summit.
    #Iran #Iraq

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/06 ساعت 12:05

    #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian, in his first foreign trip, has arrived in #Iraq to attend Baghdad regional summit. Meanwhile he is expected to have bilateral meetings with Iraqi and some other officials attending the summit.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/05 ساعت 17:54

    #Iraq & #Qatar foreign ministers had separate phone talks with #Iran FM @Amirabdolahian. Iraq FM reiterated Iraq’s invitation to Iran to attend the regional summit in Baghdad. Qatar FM invited his Iranian counterpart to visit Doha. Both congratulated Iran FM on his appointment.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/05/26 ساعت 18:59

    #Iran president (in phone talk with #Iraq PM): As much as we believe in engaging and interacting with all countries, we emphasize the fact that only countries in the region can decide the fate of the region.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/05/26 ساعت 18:42

    #Iran president Raisi had a phone talk with #Iraq PM @MAKadhimi, thanking him for invitation to the upcoming regional summit in Baghdad:«Attending the summit is valuable for us. We always support any initiative stabilizing the situation in Iraq & promoting its role in the region»

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/05/19 ساعت 19:43

    #Iran president Raisi, after receiving the invitation, thanked Iraqi PM for inviting him to participate in the regional summit in Baghdad, saying «#Iraq's move to hold this summit is a blessed move.»

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/05/19 ساعت 12:56

    #Iraq foreign minister Fuad Hussein has arrived in Tehran. He will meet Iranian officials including FM @JZarif. There are speculations that he will submit an official invitation to #Iran to attend the upcoming regional summit in Baghdad.

  • مرتضی دامن پاک جامی   morteza_jami@

    1400/05/14 ساعت 21:56

    Busy days of diplomacy in #Tehran;
    President #Raisi met a number of high- ranking officials attending his swearing-in ceremony including presidents of #Iraq & #Afghnistan.
    FM @JZarif also held meetings w counterparts from #Bosnia, #Oman, #Kuwai and chief #EU negotiator of #JCPOA.