• #EU foreign policy chief, Borrell said the European sides have unfortunately failed to live up to their obligations in the way of #JCPOA. Your Excellency, do you think this is enough ?
    in your view who is responsible for the Economic #Holocaust against the Iranian people?

  • As many in the world are remembering #Holocaust ,lets' recall another mass killing not so publicized: around ۸ to ۱۰ million Iranians died during world war I as a result of famine caused by foreign troops in #Iran

  • سالار سیف‌ الدینی   salar_seyf@

    1400/09/13 ساعت 19:18

    I have bad news for #Israel.Imagine that they supply UAV and various weapons to a country whose founder
    Muhammad Amin Rasulzadeh collaborated with the Nazis,was a Nazi and trained as a spy in the #Hitler's army.
    I don’t think he had a problem with the #Holocaust or was against it

  • «The debates over the museum come at a time when there has been simmering tension over #Holocaust memory and antisemitism between the governments of Israel and #Poland..»