• سید محمد ساداتی نژاد   m_sadatinejad@

    1399/10/05 ساعت 13:53

    ۲۰۲۰ is ending with all its sweet and bitter memories. Assassination of martyrs #Soleimani and #Fakhrizadeh was painful, but for hypocrite human rights claimants, a shame. Truth and justice remain and win.God bless #Iran, Iranians and true believers of justice and righteousness.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/18 ساعت 23:46

    Special Aide to #Iran’s parliament speaker Amirabdollahian says that number of those involved in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen #Fakhrizadeh have been identified and arrested. - Al-Alam

  • سید محمد مرندی   s_m_marandi@

    1399/09/16 ساعت 18:10

    On RT responding to nonsense from an apartheid apologist about the Israeli/US/MEK terror attack.

    He simply mimics western media & #Wikipedia propaganda that Dr #Fakhrizadeh was building a nuclear weapon.

    This narrative has been created to justify murder & the law of the jungle.

  • حسین دلیریان   HosseinDalirian@

    1399/09/14 ساعت 00:10

    And certainly the grounds for Iran’s response to the perpetrators of martyr #Fakhrizadeh ’s assassination will not be limited to the West Asia region

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/12 ساعت 02:24

    P.s. The bill to increase nuclear activities was brought up much earlier in #Iran’s parliament. However the assassination of the nuclear scientist #Fakhrizadeh accelerated the process & paved the way for its ratification in the parliament.

  • President @HassanRouhani had awarded #Mohsen_Fakhrizadeh a badge of service for his efforts in the #JCPOA negotiations.
    Dr. Mohsen #Fakhrizadeh, a high-ranking Iranian scientist, was assassinated around Tehran on ۲۷ Nov. ۲۰۲۰. Israel is widely suspected of organizing the attack.

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 18:55

    و در صورت تجاوز نظامی آمریکا به ایران بلافاصله ایران ، امارات را مورد هدف قرار خواهد داد. چند ساعت پس از این تماس بود که امارات در محکومیت ترور فخری زاده بیانیه صادر نمود. ۱/۲

    #ایران #امارات #امارات #شهید_فخری_زاده #Israel #إسرائیل #ישראל
    #Iran #UAE #Fakhrizadeh

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 13:35

    Fars yesterday published a report on the assassination: «While #Fakhrizadeh was driving, with his wife in the car, few bullets hit the car, drawing his attention. He stops & gets out of the car, assuming the sound was caused by a collision with sth or a problem in the car engine»

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 13:18

    #Iran’s Judiciary chief: Those who are asking us to show restraint [after the assassination of nuclear scientist #Fakhrizadeh] are in fact showing green light to terrorists.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 10:13

    #Iran’s Defense Minister: The administration decided yesterday to double the budget of the Organization of Research and Innovation in the Defense Ministry (the organization that #Fakhrizadeh led before his assassination) for next Iranian year.

  • محمد حافظ حکمی   hafez_hakami@

    1399/09/09 ساعت 19:51

    . @instagram clearly supports terrorism & violence via removing Iranian user’s posts honoring #Fakhrizadeh - assassinated scientist- & it’s against platform neutrality. Is there any other interpretation rather than giving media support to terrorists?
    A real shame!

  • محسن عبدالهی   AbdollahiMohsen@

    1399/09/09 ساعت 12:51

    While EU and even some of the US officials have condemned Israeli backed assassination of Iranian salient nuclear scientist, #Fakhrizadeh Iran close friends Russia and China are silent!

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 20:25

    Spokesman of #Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Kamalvandi says that the elements behind the explosion of Natanz nuclear facility are the same as those behind #Fakhrizadeh's assassination, adding «the Zionist regime seems to be involved in these cases».

  • حمید بعیدی‌ نژاد   baeidinejad@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 15:19

    The assassination of Dr. #Fakhrizadeh as a dedicated scientist is a clear violation of international law as well as human rights’ values and standards. We expect the UK government to unreservedly condemn this crime and act of provocation. Iran maintains its right of retaliation.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 14:58

    Assassinating #Fakhrizadeh doesn’t undermine Iranian nuclear program, but the nuclear deal, through complicating likely future Iran-US engagement. It will provoke #Iran to go more nuclear, as speaker of Iran parliament emphasized on moving forward w/ a related bill in parliament.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 14:23

    Immediate span of the assassination is #Iran, but the farther target of what happened on Friday east of Tehran, is to take hostage Middle East policy of #Biden. «Maximum pressure» coalition including Netanyahu, MBS & Trump admin is to impose constraints on Biden.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 14:13

    THREAD: There is a bumpy road ahead by Jan ۲۰, ۲۰۲۱. It's unlikely that things will end up in here. #Iran assumes a reaction inevitable so as to establish a deterrence, being aware of likely outcomes. Inaction will encourage the other side to advance further.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 12:18

    '#Iran’s leader, in a statement on assassination of Mohsen #Fakhrizadeh, said officials need to follow up two things: ۱. Pursuing and punishing the perpetrators of the crime ۲. Pursuing and continuing the scientific and technical efforts of Fakhrizadeh.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/10/15 ساعت 23:46

    Resuming ۲۰٪ enrichment is actually the result of US unilateral exit from #JCPOA, its #MaximumPressure against #Iran esp at a time of a global pandemic, & assassination of Iranian officials & scientists. Assassinating #Fakhrizadeh accelerated the passing of the law in parliament.

  • سید محمد مرندی   s_m_marandi@

    1399/09/22 ساعت 19:35

    Discussing the Israeli/US/MEK murder of Dr. #Fakhrizadeh, the refusal of western regimes to condemn the murder & why Iran's retaliation is inevitable

    I explain that the parliament's decision to expand the nuclear program is a response to the terror attack

  • محسن عبدالهی   AbdollahiMohsen@

    1399/09/16 ساعت 21:11

    The assassination is clear example of terrorism and should be condemned strongly. All acts, methods and practices of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, wherever and by whoever committed.

  • سید محمد مرندی   s_m_marandi@

    1399/09/14 ساعت 14:28

    Iranian Parliament has replied to Trump's support for the murder of #Fakhrizadeh.

    It's also sending a clear message to Biden:

    No preconditions. No games. Either you implement the entire deal, or there is no deal.

    Only after Iran enriched at ۲۰٪, did Obama become more realistic

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/13 ساعت 15:19

    #Iran's foreign minister @JZarif: The assassination of one of our respected scientists, Dr. #Fakhrizadeh, was an act of international aggression …We're still waiting for some EU members, certainly E۳, to condemn it …E۳ failed to condemn a clear act of terrorism.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/11 ساعت 22:32

    #EU foreign policy chief @JosepBorrellF had a phone conversation with #Iran's foreign minister @JZarif this evening. Per Iranian Foreign Ministry, Borrell once more stressed that the assassination of #Fakhrizadeh was a «criminal act» & discussed EU's position on the issue.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 19:54

    A delegation from #Taliban's political office in Doha, in a meeting with #Iran's ambassador to #Qatar
    , expressed condolences and condemned the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen #Fakhrizadeh.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 13:36

    When #Fakhrizadeh gets off, an automatic remote-controlled machine gun, placed in a pickup car in ۱۵۰m distance, starts shooting at him. ۲ bullets hit him in the side & one in the back, causing spinal cord amputation. A bodyguard comes to cover him & is shot multiple times.-Fars

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 13:27

    #Iran’s SNSC Secretary Shamkhani: The assassination of #Fakhrizadeh was carried out with electronic equipment & no one was present at the scene, but there are clues. We know who did it … The MEK surely played a role; The criminal element behind this is Zionist regime & Mossad.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 10:19

    Funeral ceremony of Iranian nuclear scientist #Fakhrizadeh is being held in Tehran.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/10 ساعت 10:09

    #Iran’s Defense Minister (in the funeral ceremony of nuclear scientist #Fakhrizadeh): No assassination & stupid action will go unanswered and the order of the leader to punish the perpetrators will surely be done.

  • نمایندگی جمهوری اسلامی نزد سازمان ملل- ژنو   PMIRAN_GENEVA@

    1399/09/09 ساعت 15:27

    Vicious assassination of Iranian scientist Dr. #Fakhrizadeh is a serious violation of int’l law & int'l human rights law and an alarming threat to the rule of law and civility. Int'l community should not let the evil of war-mongering state terrorism become further banalized.

  • نمایندگی جمهوری اسلامی نزد سازمان ملل- ژنو   PMIRAN_GENEVA@

    1399/09/09 ساعت 02:22

    Vicious assassination of Iranian scientist Dr. #Fakhrizadeh is a serious violation of int’l law & int'l human rights law and an alarming threat to the rule of law and civility. Int'l community should not let the evil of war-mongering state terrorism become further banaized.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 20:00

    IRGC Qods Force Commander Qaani, in a statement, said «we will ally and unite with all the forces defending #Iran to avenge the blood of #Fakhrizadeh».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 15:00

    #Europe is another side that will need to prove if it is relevant or irrelevant when you are talking about the region. Anyhow, the consequences of any further tension in the region will be unavoidable for Europeans.
    #Iran #Fakhrizadeh

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 14:24

    Assassination of #Fakhrizadeh happened couple of days after Netanyahu, Pompeo and MBS secretly met in #SaudiArabia. The assassination does not seem accidental, given one of the issues on the agenda of their meeting was #Iran.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 14:18

    Unknown yet if, when & how, directly or indirectly, #Iran will respond to the assassination of #Fakhrizadeh. Some time needed to make up mind and to reach a conclusion. However, the leader & senior military officials say there will be a revenge; President says in a timely manner.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 12:35

    #Iran’s leader, in his statement on the assassination of Mohsen #Fakhrizadeh, has referred to Fakhrizadeh as an «outstanding nuclear and defense scientist».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 11:39

    #Iran’s president says Iran will respond to the assassination of Mohsen #Fakhrizadeh «in a timely manner», adding «Iranian nation is smarter and wiser than falling into the trap of the Zionists. They are thinking of creating a crisis».