• سالار سیف‌ الدینی   salar_seyf@

    1400/10/19 ساعت 13:03

    ۴.With the help of the Turkish and the Israeli governments and Jihadist forces as well as paying #bribes to the #Europe, baku achieved an ambiguous victory over Armenia in Karabakh. But is it possible make a homeland (a national state) based on briber?

  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1400/07/09 ساعت 13:16

    US, #Europe and #Russia are not happy with #Turkey. Baku, with Ankara's support , will isolate itself and even lose Nagorno-Karabakh. If #Azerbaijan is wise, it will focus on the liberation of #Karabakh and will not seek to change geographical borders.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/17 ساعت 17:14

    #Iran president Raisi said to European Council president Charles Michel that «strengthening Iran-Europe relations requires not making it dependent on the will of unilateralist powers», adding «we hope #Europe will make progress on the path to strategic independence.»

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/10 ساعت 22:21

    #Iran FM: Current US administration, despite previous claims, is trying to use illegal sanctions as a leverage to put pressure on Iran, but Americans need to know that we will not give in to such pressure, & that #Europe should try to play a constructive role with prudent stance.

  • سید رضا قزوینی غرابی   RezaGhazwini@

    1400/05/02 ساعت 14:05

    and the foreign minister calling it an arbitrary decision. This newspaper also expressed its concerns regarding how this act might jeopardize the economic transactions and relations of the two countries. It also added, "severity of #Europe’s reactions to this incident..

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1400/03/05 ساعت 23:22

    چین و اروپا در راستای حفظ محیط زیست و کاهش استفاده از سوخت‌های فسیلی تا سال ۲۰۲۸ به بزرگترین بازار خودروهای برقی جهان تبدیل خواهند شد.

    #China #Europe #environment

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/02/22 ساعت 10:12

    #Iran FM @JZarif, by his visit to #Syria, has started a tour to the region and then to #Europe. He said that his trips «has nothing to do with Vienna talks». He said he won’t run for president and urged his opponents to let him do his job as FM.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/12/03 ساعت 12:10

    #Iran FM @JZarif: European companies listen to Washington, more than they listen to them (#Europe). I believe they (Europeans) have the ability to change the behavior of their companies …Europeans need to wait for US approval to make decisions.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/12/02 ساعت 23:38

    #Iran's Deputy FM Araghchi: #Europe was unable to compensate the withdrawal of the US from the #JCPOA … The survival of the nuclear deal has been due to Iran's policies in the past ۴ years. Just in one case Europeans stood against the US in the UNSC.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/24 ساعت 00:47

    #Iran MFA Spox: DG of #Europe Dept. at Iran MFA said some European countries provide financial & moral support to terrorist elements & groups who have committed criminal security measures against Iranian nation in cooperation with Western intelligence services & Zionist regime.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/11 ساعت 09:59

    #Iran's parliament passed the generalities of a bill to increase #nuclear activities. The bill suggests resuming ۲۰٪ enrichment & increasing LEU stockpile. It obliges the admin to stop implementing additional protocol in case #Europe doesn't fulfill its commitments in ۳ months.

  • With the change in the White House, it’s time for #Europe to emerge as an effective global actor. However, Europe is showing again that it is a «small/system-affecting power» (Asle Toje) compared to «great/syetem-determining powers».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/07/14 ساعت 14:52

    #Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman: #Germany & #Europe know that in the framework of UN Charter, Resolution ۲۲۳۱ & the #JCPOA, they have a firm commitment not to prevent Iran from benefiting from lifting arms embargoes. Any action other than this is contrary to their obligations.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/28 ساعت 00:19

    #Iran’s FM @JZarif: The world needs to know if it doesn't stand against US bullying, the bully will not be limited to just one country … It's like at school … The #Europe is also understanding this. EU FP chief Mr Borrel said the US must stop intimidating European companies.

  • ساسان کریمی   SasanTwit@

    1399/04/31 ساعت 22:37

    Elbow bumps change the balance of power around #Iran.
    Of course evil is in details.
    But overally these two strategic deals with #China and #Russia will put the #UnitedStates and #Europe in weaker position in any negotiation in future.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/03/22 ساعت 13:36

    #Iran's DepFM Baharvand says around ۲۰ Iranians are held in #US & in #Europe at the request of the US. He said Tehran is ready for prisoners swaps in cases that it is possible to exchange the people.

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1399/02/31 ساعت 16:53

    میزان وابستگی کشورهای اتحادیه اروپا به صنعت گردشگری بر مبنای تولید ناخالص داخلی

    آبی کم رنگ : بین ۹ تا ۱۵ درصد
    سری پر رنگ : بین ۱۶ تا ۲۵ درصد

    منبع : @AFPhttp://persiangulfstudies.com

    #Tourisme #tourism #Europe
    #گردشگری #اروپا

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/02/14 ساعت 07:20

    #Iran's SNSC Secretary says the #JCPOA «will die for good by by circumventing Resolution ۲۲۳۱ & continuing the illegal arms embargo on Iran». He asked «where does the #Europe stand? to preserve dignity & strengthen multilateralism or to reaccept humiliation & help unilateralism?»

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/01/21 ساعت 11:58

    #Iran leader, alluding to #US & #Europe, says «confiscating masks by governments», «emptying shops in a short time», «fighting over toilet paper, standing in the line to buy guns, prioritizing patients happened there», adding that «a US senator said 'wild west' is back».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/01/18 ساعت 14:17

    #Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman welcomed completing first #INSTEX transaction by #Europe while adding «that's not all Europeans are committed to fulfill.»
    #EU #JCPOA

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/12/04 ساعت 16:35

    #Iran’s president (in meeting with #Austria FM): US sanctions are like #coronavirus, which the panic it makes is more than what it really is … security of this region is important for the security of #Europe, & security of the energy transfer routes for the whole world & Europe.

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1398/11/14 ساعت 09:12


    تا پایان سال ۲۰۲۰ ، تولید ناخالص داخلی انگلیس به دلیل عدم اطمینان ناشی از برکزیت در مورد روابط تجاری با اتحادیه اروپا می‌تواند ۵٫۵ میلیارد دلار پایین‌تر باشد.


    #brexit #GDP #Economic #Britain #Europe

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/10/29 ساعت 14:12

    #Iran's parliament speaker Larijani: In the case of unfair behavior by #Europe, Iran will make a serious decision regarding its cooperation with the #IAEA.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/10/17 ساعت 20:12

    #Iran's president (to French president): Had it not been for the measures of the #QasemSoleimani against #ISIS, major risks would have threatened #Europe … Instability in the region can be dangerous for whole the world.

  • اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران   IranChamber@

    1400/11/27 ساعت 12:02

    #Iran seeking to initiate new strategic corridor linking Persian Gulf to #Europe

    Iran is seeking to initiate a new transport corridor through an agreement with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Greece to link the Indian Ocean to Europe.

  • محسن پاک آیین   MPakaien@

    1400/09/26 ساعت 13:02

    #USA and #Europe, which are among the long-standing human rights violators and have turned a blind eye to the crimes of the #Israeli_apartheid regime, have brazenly in anti-Iranian UN resolution, accused #Iran of human rights violations. This shameful act is condemned.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/30 ساعت 21:49

    #Iran president: If not for the power & role of Iran alongside Syria & Iraq governments as well as all the selfless efforts of al-Muhandis & Qassem Soleimani, today ISIS would be the Mediterranean neighbors of #Europe. And, of course, ISIS will not be the last wave of extremism.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/14 ساعت 19:33

    #Iran president (in phone talk with French president): Iranian government welcomes the expansion of the ties with #France, especially in the economic and trade fields, and we are ready to start comprehensive cooperation with #Europe from France.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/06/09 ساعت 16:16

    #Iran FM: Neighborhood & Asian policy does not mean focusing on one part of the world & forgetting others. We’ll continue our relations with other countries in proportion to their weight & position. We even look toward #Europe. However we do not consider Europe only limited to E۳

  • سید عباس موسوی   SAMOUSAVI9@

    1400/03/16 ساعت 16:54

    The US addiction to sanctions has led them to boycott their traditional friends & allies even in #Europe. #Iran has repeatedly warned Europe & others about unilateralism & bullying in the international system.

    اعتیاد به تحریم بالاخره به متحدانش رسید. بارها هشدار داده بود.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1400/02/24 ساعت 01:50

    #Iran FM @JZarif, in a visit to Madrid on Thursday as first destination of his tour to #Europe, met foreign minister of #Spain.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/12/17 ساعت 11:56

    #Irish FM @SimonCoveney met #Iran president in Tehran. Rouhani said the #JCPOA will be revived if US lifts sanctions & all JCPOA members fulfill all their obligations, adding «all UN members are required to implement UNSCR ۲۲۳۱ …#Europe must end inaction vis-a-vis nuclear deal».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/12/03 ساعت 00:34

    #Iran Deputy FM Araghchi says «If #Europe is honestly concerned about proliferation of nukes», «why aren't they worried about the proliferation of nukes by their ally & friend» in the region (#Israel)? He added, «This is double standard».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/11/29 ساعت 19:56

    #Iran president (to #German Chancellor Merkel): If #Europe really wants to preserve the #JCPOA and its objectives, it needs to prove it in practice … It is impossible to add new issues to the nuclear deal … The only way to preserve the deal is to lift US inhumane sanctions.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/24 ساعت 00:34

    #Iran MFA spokesman: DG of #Europe Department at Iran’s MFA summoned ambassadors of Germany & France to Tehran on Sunday, telling them «it's a historic tragedy in which Europe divides terrorism into good terrorism & bad terrorism based on its own interests & uses it selectively».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/09/08 ساعت 15:00

    #Europe is another side that will need to prove if it is relevant or irrelevant when you are talking about the region. Anyhow, the consequences of any further tension in the region will be unavoidable for Europeans.
    #Iran #Fakhrizadeh

  • #Macron's irrational behavior in public #AntiIslamism shows his crudeness in politics, otherwise he would not have dared to embrace Islam in his quest for leadership in #Europe. I suggest that he read more history and not rejoice in the support of a declining America & #Zionism

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/05/28 ساعت 00:57

    #Iran’s FM @JZarif thanked #Russia and #China for their efforts in the UNSC. He also referred to coordinations with #Europe and other countries, saying that «in one case, a country was under constant US pressure for ۳۰ hours to vote in favor of US resolution at the UNSC».

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1399/05/25 ساعت 12:19

    پیش بینی رکود عمیق اروپا برای سال ۲۰۲۰

    پیش بینی نوسانات تولید ناخالص داخلی واقعی در سال ۲۰۲۰


    #Economic #EU #Europe

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/03/24 ساعت 20:36

    #Iran’s foreign minister @JZarif, asked if he has been more anti-US these days, said that he is «neither anti-US, nor anti-#Europe», but he is «supporter of national interests».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/03/02 ساعت 12:44

    #Iran leader: The world is counting one by one every victim of #coronavirus, but nobody has asked who’s responsible for killing hundreds of thousands where US & #Europe have waged wars.Who’s responsible for bloodshed in Afghanistan,Yemen, Libya, Iraq,Syria & crimes in #Palestine?

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/02/21 ساعت 15:14

    #Iran's leader: Outbreak of #COVID۱۹ in #US & #Europe started later than other countries & they had time to prepare for combating the virus, but they couldn't as appropriate. High number of infections, death tolls & unemployment in US & some EU countries indicate their inability.

  • امیررضا نظری   AmirrezaNazari_@

    1399/01/31 ساعت 00:58

    اقتصاددانان اصولگرا که قبلا فرصت‌های اقتصادی را نه در #Europe که در شرق میدانستند به دولت انتقاد میکنند که فرصت مبادلات تجاری بین‌المللی را سوزانده!
    این #مستعان۱۱۰ و این میدان!
    هر کجا که طالب بود صادر کرده و #ارز حاصل از آن هم در اختیار خودشان فقط فرصت‌های تجاری را دریابند!

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1399/01/18 ساعت 22:30

    #French president @EmmanuelMacron, in the phone talk with #Iran's president @HassanRouhani, described the steps taken for beginning the #INSTEX financial mechanism positive and expressed hope that with INSTEX in place, #Europe's transactions with Iran would become easier.

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/12/28 ساعت 03:06

    #Iran's DepFM, criticizing #Europe's inaction & submission to the US, said «we hope that Europeans at the time of #CoronaVirus, that is a critical juncture in human history, will allow lifting the sanctions during the time if they want to show a humanitarian image of themselves».

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/11/25 ساعت 17:47

    President of #Germany: There is an explosive situation around #Iran & that impacts the #Europe …I think withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal was a mistake … Europe is not vital to the #US anymore … We’re hoping that the US will regard the European intergration. #MSC۲۰۲۰ #MSC_MYL

  • مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس   persiangulfpgsc@

    1398/11/03 ساعت 20:51

    ریچارد گرنل سفیر آمریکا در آلمان که نقش موثری در اعمال فشار واشنگتن بر اروپا را ایفا می‌کند از اتحادیه اروپا درخواست کرده است تا نام حزب الله لبنان را در فهرست سازمان‌‌های تروریستی قرار دهد.

    #Hezbollah #RichardGrenell #Germany #Europe

  • عباس اصلانی   AbasAslani@

    1398/10/19 ساعت 15:36

    «#Iran will return to its #JCPOA commitments if #Europe does so», said Iranian president Rouhani in a phone talk with #UK's PM Johnson, adding «Tehran will continue to cooperate with the #IAEA and IAEA will monitor Iran's nuclear activities as before».