• Regarding the expansion of cooperation between #Iran and #Russia, the Minister of Petroleum said: «The views of Iran and Russia in the #OPEC+ coalition are very close, and we were on the same boat regarding the recent agreements reached by OPEC+.»/۷

  • He said that Iran, considering the existing infrastructure, is ready for gas trade and #swap with Russia and other neighboring countries./۵

  • Owji also referred to the meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister, and said «The two countries have good potential in the field of energy, and we hope that the agreements reached in these meetings will soon lead to the conclusion of agreements.»/۳

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum in Moscow: «Good meetings have been held with the chairman of the Russian Joint Economic Commission in various fields of energy, roads and transportation, agriculture, energy, cases that were ambiguous in the past.»/۱

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji said: "The contract for #gas exports to Turkey will expire in ۲۰۲۶, and the issue of extending #Iran's gas exports to #Turkey is one of the programs on the agenda of the Ministry of Petroleum and the National Iranian Gas Company.

  • The Deputy Minister of Petroleum further said:«The accumulation of gas condensate in Iran has decreased due to two reasons: increased exports and increased consumption in the country. Thank God, there have been positive developments in the sale of oil and gas condensate to Iran.»

  • The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company (#NIOC) said that the development of #Azadegan field would be complete by mid-۲۰۲۳, adding: «With the completion of the development project of this field, #crude_oil production will reach ۳۲۰,۰۰۰ barrels per day from the field.»

  • He stated: «Receiving our hard currency claims has also been very desirable, and God willing, this process will improve and progress with signing of new contracts.»

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji says the country’s #gas_condensate exports were on the rise, adding a new record has been set in gas production from the joint #South_Pars gas field.

  • The CEO of the #National_Iranian_Oil_Company stressed the need to absorb and transfer #technology in the company, and said: Underground capital is not our (#Iran’s) competitive advantage. It can be an advantage when we can recover it."

  • Owji said: «The use of knowledge-based companies in addition to generating value added, can create employment and favorable hard currency for the country.»

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji hosted a meeting with a delegation of the Republic of #Azerbaijan headed by the CEO of #SOCAR in Tehran on Wednesday.

  • According to the agreement, ۱٫۵ to ۲ billion cubic meters of gas will be transported annually from Turkmenistan to the Republic of Azerbaijan through the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    #Turkmenistan #Azerbaijan #Iran #gas #swap #agreement #pipeline

  • A three-way agreement on gas swaps from Turkmenistan to the Republic of Azerbaijan from the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran was signed in the presence of the Presidents of the Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan on Sunday (November ۲۸).

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan announced the signing of new documents on Tehran-Baku cooperation in the oil and gas sector in the near future.
    #Javad_Owji #oil #gas #shahin_Mustafayev #Iran #Azerbayjan

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji said plans are under way to bring the country’s refining capacity to ۳٫۵ million barrels per day from currently ۲٫۲ mbd within the next ۴ to ۵ years.

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji said: «We welcome any domestic and foreign #investment for development of gas fields with the priority of maintaining the production of the South Pars gas field.»

  • #Owji said: «As soon as the US government's unilateral illegal #sanctions are lifted, the Islamic Republic of #Iran is ready to increase its oil production level to the highest possible level in order to compensate for the great losses caused by the US unilateral sanctions.»

  • #Javad_Owji said: «In the Islamic Republic of Iran's view, stability and sustainability of the global #energy security requires adopting a nonpolitical approach toward oil market.»

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji said Our effort is to strengthen Iran's position in #OPEC and take back our markets."

  • #Javad_Owji appointed as Iran Minister of Petroleum
    The Iranian parliment gave a vote of confidence to Javad Owji as the new minister of petroleum.

  • Iran has just launched a new export terminal in #Jask, Hormuzgan Province, south of Iran, which can receive up to ۱ mbd of crude oil from a massive pipeline from #Goreh, Bushehr Province. The terminal is built to allow Iran export its crude oil beyond Strait of Hormuz.

  • The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company (#NIOC) said loading and export operation of the first shipment of Iranian crude oil from #Jask and the Sea of Oman will be carried out on July ۲۲ by the presidential order.

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum, #Bijan_Zangeneh, said after the #۱۸۱st Meeting of the OPEC Conference that the main responsibility of the next petroleum minister is to help Iran return to the oil market and get our lost market share back which was caused by the sanctions.

  • The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) honored Iran’s Minister of Petroleum, #Bijan_Zangeneh, in a video message for
    his long presence in Iran’s ministries of Petroleum and Energy during the #۱۸۱st Ordinary Meeting of the OPEC Conference on Thursday.

  • «Both Iran and Russia are targeted by #sanctions and they can take advantage of this opportunity, and those Russian companies that do not cooperate with European and American companies can cooperate with Iran,»/۸

  • He stated that in the meeting with major Russian companies, good agreements have been reached on the transfer of technology and strategic equipment needed in the oil industry, adding that a comprehensive plan of cooperation with Russia has been provided to this country./۶

  • The Minister of Petroleum, stating that proposals were also presented in the field of gas conversion to liquefied natural gas (#LNG) and its exports, said: «Good decisions have been made in the field of gas trade, which can lead to a transformation in the region.»/۴

  • #Javad_Owji continued: «In the field of energy, good decisions were made in the upstream sector, the development of #oil and #gas fields, as well as the downstream sector in the development of petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants and equipment and technology transfer.»/۲

  • Announcing that good decisions have been made regarding gas exports to #Oman, the Minister of Petroleum said: «We have started negotiations, and we hope that it will lead to a contract for export of gas to Oman for an #LNG unit in this country.»

  • About Iran-Latin America oil interactions, Khojastehmehr said: «We are ready to cooperate with any country that wants to buy oil and gas condensate from #Iran. There are different buyers for Iranian oil now and we also have various solutions on the table for selling Iranian oil.»

  • The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company said: «Sales of Iranian #oil and #gas_condensate have increased well and export oil money is collected. We plan to return oil production capacity to pre-sanctions levels by the end of the current calendar year, which began on March ۲۱.»

  • He added: «Signing of the Turkmen #gas_swap agreement from #Iran to Azerbaijan, which will be operational in two weeks, will help provide a stable winter fuel for the northern provinces of the country.»

  • Owji noted the role of petrochemical companies in meeting the country's needs and said: "The process of our exports, including #crude_oil, #gas_condensate, #natural_gas, #petroleum products and #petrochemicals in the first ۹ months of the current calendar year is very acceptable.

  • He added: «In the National Iranian Oil Company, according to the emphasis of the #upstream documents, we want to have a significant share to generate wealth from underground #reservoirs, and in this way we must use technologies maximally.»

  • Referring to the existence of more than ۵,۵۰۰ oil & gas wells in ۴۰۰ fields of the country, he said: «Using the power of knowledge-based companies, we will be able to increase the annual production capacity of more than ۸۰ million barrels of oil with the least capital and risk.»

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji said the capabilities of Iranian knowledge-based companies (#KBCs) would be used to enhance production of ۷۰۰ #oil and #gas well in the country.

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji said: «The amount of oil sales has increased dramatically compared to last year.»
    #Javad_Owji #oil_sales

  • Javad Owji said: «The Iran-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan three-way gas agreement will be operational as of the beginning of winter.»

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji said: «In the coming months, more success will be achieved in the export of crude oil and gas condensate.»
    #Javad_Owji #crude_oil #gas_condensate #export #Iran

  • #Javad_Owji voiced the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum’s readiness to tap the potentialities of domestic and foreign investors in oil and gas projects.

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji said the first train of the phase ۱۴ refinery of the #South_Pars gas field would come on stream in the winter this year.

  • The President of #CNPC International LTD. (Iran), Li Yingchang, met with Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji in his Tehran office on Thursday.

  • He streesed that «while creating some sort of delicate balance between the producers and consumers' interests, the objectives stipulated in the #OPEC Statute and the OPEC and non-OPEC DoC could be achieved.»

  • Iranian Minister of Petroleum #Javad_Owji addressed the ۲۰th OPEC and non-OPEC Ministerial Meeting that was held on Wednesday, September ۰۱, ۲۰۲۱ via videoconference.

  • Iranian parliament approved #Javad_Owji as the new petroleum minister by giving him vote of confidence.

  • Another notable feature that stands out in this national plan is the construction and commissioning of about ۱,۰۰۰ kilometers of #crude oil transmission pipeline in less than ۲ years.

  • Implementation of #Goreh_Jask crude oil transfer project took place with about $۲ billion investment with the aim of exporting capacity crude oil through the new Jask terminal.

  • Iran’s Minister of Petroleum, #Bijan_Zangeneh, said the decision made during #OPEC_Plus meeting today will not increase oil prices, adding high prices will not work to the group’s advantage in the long run.

  • Iran’s Minister of Petroleum, #Bijan_Zangeneh, spoke at the #۱۸۱st Ordinary Meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ Conference after he received OPEC’s remarks honoring him for his contributions to the cartel.