• جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/12/27 ساعت 22:30

    The world is in desperate need of a RENEWAL: enough of war, imposition & bigotry.

    The arrival of Spring should remind us of our need & ability for change & renewal.

    As the «World of Norouz» celebrates a New Year, let's strive to build a better, kinder world.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/10/17 ساعت 14:36

    #IranTeam’s efforts to ensure full implementation of #JCPOA—that must logically begin by the party that exited—deserve our full support.

    Restoring JCPOA is a global success—benefiting both Iran & the world—and a triumph of reason & diplomacy over imposition & zero-sum mentality.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/10/10 ساعت 19:50

    It's clear that the sources—and centers—of power in our world in transition are rapidly changing, and that all humans are now global actors.

    While wishing all a healthy New Year—let's collectively make use of these capacities to make ۲۰۲۲ happy & peaceful.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/09/03 ساعت 18:41

    An important triumph of the rule of law.

    We know the origin of such lawless bullying, and it should be stopped at its roots.

    Arbitrary economic coercion by the US continues to undermine the global economic order.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/08/28 ساعت 15:31

    .@USEnvoyIran is exploiting the change of administration in Iran & «memory lapse» of E۳/EU to rewrite recent history.
    Iran never left to do a «mutual return to JCPOA».
    The US did.
    To review documents of US—and E۳—«non-implementation» of JCPOA, please see http://undocs.org/A/۷۵/۹۶۸

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/08/05 ساعت 15:26

    سلام دوستان گرامی
    مجموعه ۶ جلدی کتاب «راز سر به مهر» پیرامون برجام به صورت الکترونیکی منتشر شده و در آدرس زیر قابل تهیه است:

    Our ۶ volume book about JCPOA in Persian is now available in pdf format @:


    با سپاس فراوان از مؤسسه #اطلاعات و جناب #دعایی

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/07/01 ساعت 15:02

    That experience shaped our collective psyche, exacerbating our suspicion of the world body—& indeed the world

    Everything in the past ۴۱ years has deepened that mistrust, particularly UN/IAEA (mis-)behavior following US’ ۲۰۱۸ withdrawal from the JCPOA

    Time to change behavior

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/26 ساعت 15:33

    An irony of historical proportions:

    US, UK, Australia & France—all self-proclaimed champions of non-proliferation—are racing to enable HEU proliferation.

    The anger and rift today is over competition for a submarine deal with SERIOUS PROLIFERATION THREAT.

    The world is watching.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/18 ساعت 14:52

    بار دگر افغانستان شاهد یک فاجعه راهبردی است.

    هیچ قدرت داخلی یا خارجی نتوانسته با زور بر این ملت غیور چیره شود. سه ابرقدرت این روش را آزمودند و با ذلت شکست خوردند. فرجام هر مدعی حکومت زورمحور جز این نخواهد بود.

    زمان آن است تا باز ورق برنگشته، فراگیری و مشارکت جمعی پذیرفته شود.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/10 ساعت 15:31

    US humiliation in Afghanistan is the rule and not an exception:

    Afghanistan (USSR)
    Iran & Kuwait (Iraq)

    Use of force is not just illegal, it is SUICIDAL.

    High time to abandon the fallacy of «all options on the table».

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/03 ساعت 20:06

    I congratulate my friend, colleague, and fellow long-time diplomat @Amirabdolahian on his confirmation as the next foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Wishing him, the ministry and its officials, and the new administration, all success in international relations.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/01 ساعت 14:47

    My farewell as foreign minister to my compatriots (in Farsi):


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/28 ساعت 15:45

    Despite the wishes of a long line of oppressors, the battle against tyranny did not end in Karbala, or in ۶۷۰ CE.

    ۱۴ centuries later, resistance to oppression and struggles for freedom continue across the globe.

    On #Ashura۲۰۲۱ Hussein's beacon shines on.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/27 ساعت 18:11

    For all their talk of democracy & War on Terror, events in Afghanistan & statements by US & NATO officials prove:

    They invaded & occupied Afghanistan & elsewhere ONLY to pursue their own interests—but couldn't even achieve that.

    US/NATO now have clear obligation to compensate.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/24 ساعت 20:02

    خشونت و جنگ، همانند اشغال، هیچگاه راه فیصله مشکلات افغانستان نبوده‌ و نخواهد بود.
    ابتکار برادران در شورای هماهنگی و دیگر رهبران افغانستان می‌تواند زمینه‌ساز گفتگو و انتقال مسالمت‌آمیز به صلح پایدار باشد.
    جمهوری اسلامی ایران به کوشش خود برای مصالحه در افغانستان ادامه می‌دهد.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/11 ساعت 15:05

    On Aug ۱, a magnificent international conference center was inaugurated in Isfahan—home of a World Heritage Site.

    The structure is testimony to the determination of Iran to continue the path of constructive engagement, based on equal footing and mutual respect.

    See you there.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/08 ساعت 16:10

    On July ۲۰—UNSCR ۲۲۳۱'s ۶th anniversary—I documented ۶ years of the West's [non-]implementation of JCPOA, in what may become my last & most important letter to UNSG.

    It was published online today & soon in print.

    English: https://bit.ly/۳xh۱E۳Q
    Farsi: https://bit.ly/۳۷eh۸uM

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/25 ساعت 15:41

    US-affiliated gunmen hatch plots on US soil to assassinate leaders in & while US government busily covers up its criminal ties by accusing others of a patently ridiculous, childishly conceived kidnapping operation.

    Put your house in order before throwing bricks at others'.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/16 ساعت 21:19

    میزبان نشستی مهم در زمانی حساس و با حضور هیئت‌های عالی‌رتبه افغانستانی بودم.
    امروز مردم افغانستان می‌توانند بدون مداخله و تحمیل خارجی برای آینده خود تصمیم بگیرند.
    ایران همراه با کشورهای منطقه پشتیبان کوشش رهبران افغانستان در مسیر صلح، آرامش و پیشرفت برای همه مردم افغانستان است.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/12 ساعت 21:10

    ۳۳ years ago today, US shot down #IranAir۶۵۵, killing all ۲۹۰ civilians aboard.

    As a young diplomat, I witnessed US refusal to apologize over the human tragedy it caused.

    US violence against Iranians began long before & continues today with #EconomicTerrorism against our people

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/02 ساعت 21:46

    چقدر غم انگیز است. به شما و همکارانتان در ایسنا و خانواده ایشان صمیمانه تسلیت عرض می‌کنم. رحمت و مغفرت برای ایشان و صبر و اجر برای بازماندگان مسئلت دارم.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/03/30 ساعت 15:05

    On sidelines of @AntalyaDF, fruitful bilateral talks with leaders & FMs of Afghanistan, Croatia, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Poland, Tajikistan, Turkey & Venezuela.

    First trilateral with Turkey & Afghanistan.

    Also constructive talks on JCPOA & regional issues with @JosepBorrellF.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/03/24 ساعت 14:17

    بعد فترة طویلة من الحروب والاعتداءات ضد #الفلسطینیین والتهدیدات الموجهة #للجمهوریة_الإسلامیة‌ها هو الطاغیة یسقط وها هی #غزة ترفع شارة #النصر وتواصل #إیران مسیرة #العزة . لعل من یأتی بعده یتعلم أن البنیان الذی تأسس على الاعتداء و #الاحتلال لن یطول بقاؤه

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/03/17 ساعت 21:46

    It remains unclear whether @POTUS and @SecBlinken are ready to bury the failed «maximum pressure» policy of Trump and @mikepompeo, and cease using #EconomicTerrorism as bargaining «leverage».

    Iran is in compliance with the #JCPOA. Just read paragraph ۳۶.

    Time to change course.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/03/13 ساعت 21:20

    Netanyahu has joined the disgraceful journey of his anti-Iran co-conspirators—Bolton, Trump and Pompeo—into the dustbin of history.

    Iran continues to stand tall.

    This destiny has been repeated over several millennia for all those wishing Iranians harm.

    Time to change course.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1401/01/13 ساعت 18:29

    As Muslims—all over the world—unite to welcome #Ramadan by fasting, prayers & reflection, let us unite in prayers & action to end bloodshed and foster greater understanding, tolerance & empathy.

    Let’s also cooperate for the good of our planet & of our #Ummah.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/10/17 ساعت 16:59

    Two years ago, ۱۷۶ lives abruptly ended due to a horrific error—leaving behind thousands forever hurt.

    While nothing will ever give them back what they lost, I once again offer my sincere condolences—and apologies—to all who lost loved ones.

    We have grieved with you.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/10/11 ساعت 16:57

    ۲ years ago, I lost a friend, Iran a hero & the world a champion in fighting terrorism.

    To those in denial, Trump's true colors were on full display only a year later in US Capitol.

    The world needs brave fighters like #Soleimani—not coward warmongers like Trump, Netanyahu & Co.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/10/04 ساعت 16:14

    On this blessed day of the birth of the Holy Prophet Jesus Christ, let us all—Christians, Muslims, Jews & all believers—stand together, as commanded by our ONE God, in a common endeavor to bring humankind joy & peace and end intolerance, imposition & coercion.

    Merry Christmas!

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/09/02 ساعت 15:05

    To Israel-Firsters, expending US interests abroad is not enough.

    They now want to trample the US Constitution to expend American interests at home too.

    Where's the limit?

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/08/11 ساعت 18:04


    It still does.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/07/28 ساعت 14:15

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) changed the world.

    His mission to promote honesty, perseverance, compassion, empathy and tolerance was a blessing for humankind.

    He left us instructions for how to make it better.

    Together, as one, anything is possible.

    Happy #Mawlid to all Muslims

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/07/01 ساعت 14:59

    ۴۱ years ago this week—on ۲۲ Sep. ۱۹۸۰—Saddam Hussein unleashed war on Iran—and the world bet on his quick victory

    Hence, the UN Security Council waited a full week before adopting a hollow resolution. Even then, no condemnation or even clichéd «call for withdrawal». ۱/۲

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/19 ساعت 21:20

    While citizens of several US allies perpetrated ۹/۱۱, Iranians in Tehran sympathized with American victims.

    That global solidarity could've been put to good use. But the US paradigm of coercion & war—with its GWOT—has brought nothing but death, destruction & misery to the world.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/18 ساعت 13:50

    A horrifying strategic mistake is being repeated in Afghanistan

    No one—domestic or alien—can rule the valiant people of Afghanistan by force. Three superpowers failed miserably. So will any other claimant to coercive authority

    Time to engage & include before tides change again.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/04 ساعت 04:53

    أهنئ صدیقی وزمیلی الدبلوماسی المخضرم@Amirabdolahian على کسبه ثقة مجلس الشورى الإسلامی کوزیر خارجیة الجمهوریة الإسلامیة فی إیران، متمنیا له وللوزارة ومسؤولیها والإدارة الجدیدة، التوفیق والنجاح فی العلاقات الدولیة

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/06/02 ساعت 15:30

    After four decades of diplomacy, I move on to full-time teaching and research.

    I'll continue to pursue and promote global understanding and encourage «positive-sum» dialog—based on empathy, mutual respect and equal footing.

    Looking forward to continuing the exchange of views.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/31 ساعت 12:48

    Pleased to host Japanese FM Motegi in Tehran on Sunday.

    In what is probably my last meeting with a counterpart as Iran’s foreign minister, we discussed strengthening bilateral relations, how to resucitate the JCPOA and the catastrophic US-engineered situation in Afghanistan.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/28 ساعت 15:40

    اللهم إنک تعلم إنه لم یکن ماکان منا تنافسا فی سلطان ولا التماسا من فضول الحطام ولکن لنرى المعالم من دینک ونظهر الاصلاح فی بلادک و یأمن المظلومون من عبادک و یعمل بفرائضک و سنتک و أحکامک

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/24 ساعت 20:21

    Violence & war—like occupation—never solve problems.

    Iran welcomes announcement by @KarzaiH on forming a Coordination Council by Afghan leaders.

    We hope that it can lead to dialogue & a peaceful transition in Afghanistan.

    Iran stands ready to continue its peacemaking efforts.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/20 ساعت 23:16

    I saw an extremely inappropriate picture today.

    Need I remind all that Aug. ۲۰۲۱ is neither Aug. ۱۹۴۱ nor Dec. ۱۹۴۳.

    The Iranian people have shown—including during the JCPOA talks—that their destiny can NEVER be subject to decisions in foreign embassies or by foreign powers.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/05/08 ساعت 18:33

    Türkiye'nin bazı bölgelerinde çıkan yangından çok etkilendim. Türkiye hükümeti ve halkının acılarını paylaşıyoruz ve yanlarında olacağız. Vefat edenlere Allah'tan rahmet, yaralılara acil şifalar dilerim. Hayır dua ve imkanlarımız Türkiye'deki kardeşlerimizin hizmetinde olacaktır

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/29 ساعت 16:56

    Felicitations to all Muslims on auspicious occasion of #EidAlAdha

    As far fewer perform Hajj because of pandemic, let’s pray to the Almighty to rid the world of not just corona but also other viruses: arrogance, coercion, terrorism—incl #EconomicTerrorism & #MedicalTerrorism.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/23 ساعت 15:09

    ۶ years ago today, #JCPOA resolved a UNSC Chapter VII issue without resorting to war.

    Obama realized his «crippling sanctions» would not cripple Iran or its centrifuges. Trump ineptly thought «maximum pressure» would.

    Never will.@POTUS should look closely at these figures

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/16 ساعت 20:12

    Honored to be host of cordial & substantive dialog between senior Afghan reps.

    As foreign forces leave Afghanistan, no impediment remains for Afghans of all political stripes to chart a peaceful & prosperous future for the next generation.

    Iran stands with our Afghan brethren.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/10 ساعت 13:16


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/04/02 ساعت 20:11

    از شنیدن این خبر غم انگیز بسیار متاثر شدم. برای آن مرحومه غفران و رضوان الهی و برای شما، همکاران و خانواده داغدار صبر و اجر مسئلت دارم.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/03/29 ساعت 22:01

    At @AntalyaDF, emphasized the imperative of cognitive adjustments:

    ۱.Diplomacy not about trust; rather, respecting interest of counterparts.
    http://۲.US broke JCPOA. Onus on US to fix it.
    ۳.Outsiders will leave our region sooner or later. We must seize its ownership.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/03/18 ساعت 20:57

    Fruitful talks with UNSG SRs on Afghanistan, Mr. Arnault, and on Yemen, Mr. Griffiths.

    Key theme: Peace processes must be owned by all Afghans and Yemenis—without external imposition.

    Important common denominator: Iran seeks regional peace and stability. Ready to facilitate.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1400/03/14 ساعت 21:45

    Agreed in phone call with FM @DominicRaab on need to resume full compliance with the JCPOA.

    Underlined that US must return fully to its obligations & cease trying to use unlawful economic war against Iran as negotiating «leverage».

    Also discussed bilateral & consular issues.