• جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/04/14 ساعت 21:50

    Don't believe the hype: Iran triggered #JCPOA DRM on at least ۶ occasions (in ref to U.S. AND E۳ violations)

    ۱۶ Dec ۲۰۱۶ (U.S.)
    ۱۰ May ۲۰۱۸ (U.S.)
    ۱۷ June ۲۰۱۸ (U.S.)
    ۶ Nov ۲۰۱۸ (U.S. & E۳)
    ۸ May ۲۰۱۹ (U.S. & E۳)
    ۲ July ۲۰۲۰ (E۳)

    I will be publishing all my letters shortly.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/04/11 ساعت 13:07

    Full video of my statement before the UN Security Council, on June ۳۰, ۲۰۲۰.

    #UNSC Agenda: Implementation of Resolution ۲۲۳۱

    Iran’s solution: Rule of law | Multilateralism | Accountability

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/04/09 ساعت 22:31

    The US isn't merely violating JCPOA and bullying others to do so, too. It also has dishonor of being first in UN history to punish law-abiding countries for NOT violating a Security Council res.

    I will present Iran's case to the Council @ abt noon ET, Tues.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/04/03 ساعت 22:38

    .@SecPompeo is so desperate to mislead the world that he claims come October, Iran will purchase fighter aircraft.

    And then send them off to the limits of their ONE-WAY ranges.

    Perhaps he could also say how they would fly back to Iran having exhausted their fuel.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/29 ساعت 22:34

    BoG should not allow JCPOA enemies to jeopardize Iran's supreme interests. E۳ should not be an accessory, after failing own JCPOA duties

    We've nothing to hide. More inspections in Iran over last ۵ yrs than in IAEA history

    An agreeable solution is possible, but Res will ruin it.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/26 ساعت 16:00

    Productive talks with my friend @MevlutCavusoglu & other senior officials in Istanbul.

    In-depth exchange & fruitful decisions on bilateral cooperation, and also regional & global issues.

    Close consultations imperative.

    Next stop: Moscow

    Neighbors always our priority.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/22 ساعت 16:30

    If there were ever any question of WHO dictates US—& Western—policy in the Mid East, this headline screams it loud & clear.

    #AIPAC has poisoned US politics for years, overtly giving instructions to Congress.

    Time to end #APARTHEID Israel's tyranny over Western halls of power.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/16 ساعت 15:13

    We achieved humanitarian swap *despite* your subordinates' efforts, @realDonaldTrumpAnd we had a deal when you entered office. Iran & other JCPOA participants never left the table.

    Your advisors—most fired by now—made a dumb bet.

    Up to you to decide *when* you want to fix it.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/13 ساعت 17:53

    US cities are scenes of brutality against protesters & press, as military crackdown is threatened

    Europe—quick to be judge & jury about non-Western societies—keeps deafeningly silent.

    If it wants to keep lips sealed now, it should always keep them that way


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/10 ساعت 21:53

    Some don't think #BlackLivesMatter

    To those of us who do: it is long overdue for the entire world to wage war against racism.

    Time for a #WorldAgainstRacism.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/04 ساعت 12:26

    فی عید الفطر المبارک نسأل الله التوفیق لأمتنا الإسلامیة فی مسیرتها المتواصلة نحو الوحدة والعزة والکرامة ونحو بناء نموذجها الحضاری الإنسانی المشرق.
    إننا على ثقة راسخة بقدرات هذه الأمة وبأن تضحیات شعوبها ستکون فی الأیام المقبلة أعیاد نصر على الاحتلال والهیمنة والعقوبات الظالمة

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/01 ساعت 20:06

    'Bibi-Firsters'—whether in Foggy Bottom or ۱۶۰۰ Penn—are complicit in all Israeli crimes against humanity.

    They will have to account for EVERY aggression—from the usurping of Palestinian land & apartheid under the 'Deal of Century' to enabling murder of children with US weapons.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/25 ساعت 20:58

    Need I add anything?

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/20 ساعت 16:02

    On ۲nd anniversary of US «ceasing participation» in the #JCPOA, I urged @antonioguterres to hold US accountable for violating its duties & forcing others to do so, too.

    Lawless bullying jeopardizes @UN credibility & threatens int'l peace & security.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/20 ساعت 15:15

    Today is «Honoring Philanthropists' Day» in our calendar. Charity is an ancient tradition of the Iranian nation.

    Over #Ramadan
    , poor people aided
    with empathy and millions of masks/disinfectants supplied.

    Humanity defeats #Covid۱۹ and US #EconomicTerrorism.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/18 ساعت 12:26

    Congratulations to Prime Minister @MAKadhimi, his Cabinet, the Parliament and most importantly the people of Iraq for success in forming a new Government.

    Iran always stands with the Iraqi people and their choice of administration.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/13 ساعت 14:55

    The U.S. has long been the world's top

    - Military spender
    - Arms seller
    - War initiator & instigator
    - Conflict profiteer.

    Yet @SecPompeo is apparently so worried about Iran—a huge U.S. arms customer till ۱۹۷۹—that he's pouring weapons all over the globe.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/06 ساعت 15:48

    رمضان کریم
    و کل عام و الأمة الإسلامیة و شعوب العالم بألف خیر.
    أسأل الله أن یتقبل أعمالنا فی هذا الشهر الفضیل، و أن یمن علینا بالخیر و النصر و تجاوز الأزمات، و أن یوحد صفوف أهل الإیمان، و أن یحقق الأمن و السلام و العدالة و المساواة على وجه المعمورة.
    آمین، بمنه و کرمه.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/05 ساعت 17:23

    is for Muslims a special time for prayer & reflection.

    This year, the #COVID۱۹ pandemic has shown that we need to reflect more on how ALL of us in the human community are in same boat, and on the same journey.

    Wishing all Muslims a healthy, safe, and blessed Ramadan.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/04 ساعت 13:24

    The US military is hit by over ۵۰۰۰ #covid۱۹ infections. @realdonaldtrump should attend to their needs, not engage in threats cheered on by Saddam's terrorists.

    Also, US forces have no business ۷,۰۰۰ miles away from home, provoking our sailors off our OWN Persian Gulf shores.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/31 ساعت 16:14

    Iran will be EXPORTING ventilators in a few months, @realdonaldtrump.

    All you need to do is stop interfering in the affairs of other nations; mine especially.

    And believe me, we do not take advice from ANY American politician.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/28 ساعت 06:44


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/25 ساعت 22:58

    Despite US sanctions, Iran has made significant progress in fighting the pandemic, thanks to its human & scientific resources, and friends abroad.

    #Covid۱۹ was opportunity for US to kick its addiction to sanctions. Instead, it will now live in infamy in the memory of our people.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/20 ساعت 13:06

    Доналд Трамп по-прежнему сопротивляется требованиям международного сообщества о снятии иранских санкций в целях противостояния коронавирусной инфекции. Коронавиус может распространиться в соседние с Ираном страны.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/19 ساعت 16:19

    Iran is rich in human & natural resources. We don't need charity from @realDonaldTrump—who's forced to buy ventilators from sources he's sanctioned.

    What we want is for him to STOP preventing Iran from selling oil & other products, buying its needs & making & receiving payments.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/04/16 ساعت 20:22

    My virtual dialog earlier today with Rome ۲۰۲۰ MED (Mediterranean Dialogue) at the ISPI Center; available to watch here, ICYMI:

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/04/11 ساعت 17:20

    Just concluded very constructive (virtual) summit of the Astana Process, hosted by Pres. @HassanRouhani.

    Parties agreed to continue coordination among the three guarantors, focusing on tension reduction, political process & humanitarian relief.

    Peace in Syria will be achieved.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/04/10 ساعت 22:46

    The int'l community in general—and UN Security Council in particular—face an important decision: Do we maintain respect for rule of law, or do we return to law of the jungle?

    My address before UNSC on Res. ۲۲۳۱

    Persian: https://mfa.ir/files/mfa/sa.pdf…
    English: https://en.mfa.gov.ir/files/mfaen/sae.pdf…

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/04/04 ساعت 15:56


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/30 ساعت 23:08

    E۳ must stop public face-saving & muster the courage to state publicly what they admit privately: their failure to fulfill even own JCPOA duties due to total impotence in resisting US bullying
    Behind facade, E۳ are accessories to Trump & Netanyahu—& in no position to counsel Iran

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/27 ساعت 19:44

    Iran & Russia are «determined to deal with unilateral & illegal approaches to resolve global crises.»

    From joint statement with FM Lavrov in Moscow today, where we reaffirmed commitment to int'l law as US & cronies attack foundation of int'l relations at IAEA & Security Council.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/22 ساعت 20:52

    International Criminal COURT now blackmailed by lawless gang posing as diplomats.

    What else will it take for the global community to wake up & smell the consequences of appeasing the bully?

    And who else should the US terrorize before appeasers realize EVEN they might be next?

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/22 ساعت 15:00

    US has tried to heighten tension w/ Iran & bully others to follow.

    But having admitted to:
    -Terror assassination in Iraq
    -Complicity in war crimes in Yemen & Palestine
    -Breaching JCPOA, UNSCR ۲۲۳۱, & IAEA decisions

    It retains NO right to abuse UN & IAEA to vilify Iran.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/15 ساعت 22:46

    Pleased that Dr. Majid Taheri and Mr. White will soon be joining their families.

    Prof. Sirous Asgari was happily reunited with his family on Weds.

    This can happen for all prisoners. No need for cherry picking.

    Iranian hostages held in—and on behalf of—the US should come home.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/12 ساعت 19:56

    The «knee-on-neck» technique is nothing new: Same cabal—who've admitted to habitually «lie, cheat, steal»—have been employing it on ۸۰M Iranians for ۲ yrs, calling it «maximum pressure».

    It hasn't brought us to our knees. Nor will it abase African-Americans.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/05 ساعت 16:55

    Congratulations on #AfricaDay۲۰۲۰
    , reminding us of the brave struggles of Africans against oppression.

    Iran has always been—and will forever be—a reliable partner of all fraternal African nations.

    Amid #COVID۱۹ ready to share our experience and expertise to help save lives.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/02 ساعت 10:03

    یوم القدس هو یوم إحیاء الحق الفلسطینی والإحتلال والمستوطنات الى زوال.
    إسرائیل هی أکبر منتهک لحقوق الإنسان والحائز الوحید للأسلحة النوویة فی المنطقة و أخطر تهدید مزمن للسلم والأمن الدولیین.
    مؤامرة صفقةالقرن العنصریة اثبتت أن واشنطن شریک للمعتدی ولا أمل فیها.
    الإستفتاء هو الحل

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/03/01 ساعت 17:43

    Disgusting that those whose civilization found a «Final Solution» in gas chambers attack those who seek a real solution at the ballot box, through a REFERENDUM.

    Why are US and West so afraid of democracy?

    Palestinians should not have to pay for your crimes, or for your guilt.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/25 ساعت 20:13

    Those who muse about injecting disinfectant to «clean» the coronavirus, also argue that they are a «participant» in a UN Security Council Resolution endorsing a deal that they long ago «ceased participating» in. Their own words.

    If only Kafka were around.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/20 ساعت 15:48

    On ۲nd anniversary of US «ceasing participation» in the #JCPOA, I urged @antonioguterres to hold US accountable for violating its duties & forcing others to do so, too.

    Lawless bullying jeopardizes @UN credibility & threatens int'l peace & security.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/19 ساعت 21:21

    The Parsis of India—Zoroastrians whose ancestors long ago emigrated to India—have remained ever faithful in their love for Iran. Grateful for their #Covid۱۹ package for Iranians.

    We also sent ۴۰,۰۰۰ advanced Iran-made test kits to #Germany, #Turkey and others.


  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/16 ساعت 16:19

    .@SecPompeo pretends UNSCR ۲۲۳۱ is independent from #JCPOA.

    He should READ ۲۲۳۱.

    JCPOA is PART of ۲۲۳۱. That's why it's ۱۰۴ pages—& why he’s not read it.

    ۲۲۳۱ for Dummies:

    -It would NOT EXIST w/o JCPOA

    -US violated it & prevented others from complying

    -US has NO standing.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/08 ساعت 15:42

    ۲ yrs ago, @SecPompeo and his boss declared «CEASING US participation» in JCPOA, dreaming that their «max pressure» would bring Iran to its knees.

    Given that policy's abject failure, he now wants to be JCPOA participant.

    Stop dreaming: Iranian Nation always decides its destiny.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/05 ساعت 19:24

    is for Muslims a special time for prayer & reflection.

    This year, the #COVID۱۹ pandemic has shown that we need to reflect more on how ALL of us in the human community are in same boat, and on the same journey.

    Wishing all Muslims a healthy, safe, and blessed Ramadan.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/05 ساعت 14:06

    US has been bullying all against UNSC Resolution ۲۲۳۱ since ۲۰۱۷.

    Europe obeyed US instead of ۲۲۳۱.

    Neither can lecture Iran based on flimsy misreadings of UNSCR ۲۲۳۱.

    Iran neither has nukes nor missiles «DESIGNED to be capable of carrying» such horrific arms.

    Guess who do?

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/02/01 ساعت 20:53

    Our regional peace & counterterrorism efforts:
    Today I met w/Pres. Assad & FM of Syria ahead of Astana ministerial video conference.
    Re Afghanistan, our Special Rep has met with all sides in Kabul in past days. On Yemen, our Special Rep working with UN & Yemenis to end suffering.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/28 ساعت 16:33

    Yearly Reminder.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/27 ساعت 16:24

    The world is learning what Iran has known & experienced all along: US regime's bullying, threatening & vainglorious blathering isn’t just an addiction: it kills people.

    Like «maximum pressure» against Iran, the shameful defunding WHO amid a pandemic will live in infamy.

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/20 ساعت 13:06

    Иран приветствует российскую идею о «создании зеленого коридора вместо экономической войны и санкций».

  • جواد ظریف   JZarif@

    1399/01/20 ساعت 13:05

    Разные страны в целях контроля ситуации с коронавирусом закрывают свои географические границы, однако открывают их для оказания помощи.